Book Review: Delicious!

Author: Ruth Reichl Publisher: Random House, May 6, 2014 Genre: Literary/Food Fiction Source: The publisher via TLC Book Tours I’ve been anticipating this book for a long time. I knew I would love it before I even had it in my hands. There was, however, one question: after decades of nonfiction writing, could the author […]

Book Review: Hungry

Subtitle: What Eighty Ravenous Guys Taught Me About Life, Love and the Power of Good Food Author: Darlene Barnes Publisher: Hyperion, July 2013 Genre: Food Memoir Source: Publisher via TLC Book Tours Most mothers today send their kids off to college hoping they will follow the healthy eating habits they’ve taught them. But, given the […]

Blushing Peach Jam – Revised by the Next Generation

Back in the 1970’s my mother-in-law, Rena, introduced the family to a jam she made with her own home-grown peaches and red raspberries. Rena was well known as a superb cook, but this new jam took her to the level of gourmet. Everyone who tasted it, raved about it. Rena, my mother, and I have […]

Weekend Cooking: Dumpling Soup

A couple of weeks ago a friend took several vacation days from work so she and her daughter (along with nieces and cousins) could spend days making ravioli – hundreds of them. It’s a tradition they’ve done every year a few weeks before Easter. A friend of my mom’s used to do the same with […]

We Live in a Chili Nation

Chili Nation caught my eye as I was perusing the food-book shelves at my local library. Chili is one of my husband’s favorite dishes and I’m always open to trying a new chili recipe. (Not that he is open to eating new recipes but, more about that later.) I took the book home, sure that […]

The Perfect Egg Salad Sandwich

Last week I finished reading Heather Lende’s If You Lived Here I’d Know Your Name. I so thoroughly enjoyed the book and spending time in Heather’s world in small-town Alaska. I felt in sync with this woman in many of her beliefs and habits. For one, she and I are in complete agreement in our […]

Bonding Over Fry Sauce

My two granddaughters live over 600 miles away. I miss them a lot but I try to make the best of the times when we are together. I especially like the times when I can have one-on-ones with each one of the girls. Recently we were all together in Portland over the holidays. A good […]

Weekend Cooking: Do You Need a Recipe for a Good Appetizer?

I don’t know about your crowd, but the party food around here has changed in the last few years. Three organizations I belong to have asked each member to bring an appetizer. I’m okay with that. I think it makes for a fun party – everyone walks around taking just a bite of this and […]

My Version of a Breakfast Sandwich

At the risk of what you might think about the health of my food choices, I haven’t told you that, while traveling on the road, I like to stop at McDonald’s for breakfast. To be specific, I stop for their Egg McMuffin. I really like those little sandwiches. [To be fair, I should say that […]

Weekend Cooking: Albondigas

Most regular readers of this blog know I absolutely love Mexican food. A friend has been bragging about this restaurant in her hometown of Fresno. So, when we were there recently for a family wedding, we had to try out Toledo’s Restaurant. (On the corner of Shaw and Fresno Avenue in case you live there.) […]