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I spent most of this week concentrating on Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility. I’m a life-long Austen fan and I’ve re-read all six of them every few years. Last year I discovered The Austen Project, a project sponsored by Harpers in which respected authors have been asked to write modern versions of these classic stories using the same characters and plot lines.

So far I’ve read Emma and Pride and Prejudice/Eligible. My method was to first re-read the original book and then watch one of the movies based on the classic. Then I read the new contemporary version. It’s worked out good for me.

The basic story of Sense and Sensibility starts with the deathbed promise of John Dashwood to his dying father that he would take care of his step-mother and three step-sisters. John’s intentions were sincere, but once his greedy and domineering wife, Fanny, stepped in, everything changed. The four women now face a life with no money, no status and no protection.

Belle and her three daughters are homeless until a family friend rescues then. He supplies then with the use of a modest “cottage” which is quite some distance from the family estate.

Before they leave for the cottage Elinor, the eldest daughter, meets Fanny’s brother, Edward, and there is an instant spark. Marianne, once she is established at the new cottage has two men interested in her. There are other challenges the Dashwoods face, but they handle each one as it comes. There is plenty of drama in all of this as the story moves forward toward a satisfying conclusion.

I really loved the modern version, Sense & Sensibility by Joanna Trolloppe. The basics are, of courrse, the same, but the were nice changes. For instance, Elinor lands a nice job working for a group of architects. Margaret, as a modern middle-schooler is as inquisitive and snarky as many of her modern-day counterparts. And Marianne is a full-blown drama-queen in the modern version as she was in the 1700s. If you loved the Dashwood clan in the original Sense and Sensibility, I think you’ll love them just as much in the updated version. I personally believe that Joanna Trollope is Jane Austen reincarnated.

I fit in a quick listen to Jimmy Carter’s latest memoir A Full Life. In the introduction he said that now that he is in his nineties, he wanted to look back at the events that contributed to making his life so rich and full. This is not former President Carter’s first memoir. He’s written several already, but this one was selective.

I liked hearing about his time at the Naval Academy and especially his time as a submarine captain aboard a vessel with nuclear warheads. He’s obvious very smart as the navy sent him to college to study theoretical physics to help him with that job. He also covered his campaign for governor of Georgia and then for president. The rest of the story I already knew as I followed him closely when he was president and I’ve already read two other books about him. I found this look back very relevant compared to our current leadership climate/crisis.

Off The Blog:

Hoo-ray! My husband and I went to the movie theater this week. It’s rare thing for us because there just aren’t many movies anymore that “suit” us. But, finally we one we really wanted to see: Wind River. We really loved it.

Here’s what it’s about: An FBI agent (Kelsey Asbilie) is sent to Wyoming to team up with an experienced game tracker (Jeremy Renner) and the Native American sheriff (Graham Green) from the reservation. The setting was the dead of winter which made us feel so very cold. The scenery was unbelievably gorgeous — snowy mountain back country. The plot was to solve the murder of a young woman. The characters were unique and believable. It’s well worth seeing. Check your local theater.

I do hope you’ve had a good week. Happy Reading.

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  1. Beth F says:

    We haven’t been to the movie theater in ages! With all the options at home, it just seems easier to stay put.

    What a great idea to read the classic Austen and then the Austen Project novel. I’ve read some of the new versions but somehow missed Sense and Sensibility. Will see if the library has it.

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