Book Beginnings: Plainsong by Kent Haruf

I’m joining Rose City Reader as she encourages fellow bloggers to share the beginnings of a book we are reading.

I finally started a book I’ve been meaning  to read for a long tim, Plainsong by Kent Haruf is the story of a group of people in a small town east of Denver.

Here was this man Tom Guthrie in Holt standing at the back window n the kitchen of his home smoking cigarettes and looking out over the bak lot where the sunwas just coning up.

What do you think? Would you keep readoing?


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2 Responses to Book Beginnings: Plainsong by Kent Haruf

  1. Yes, I’d keep reading! I’ve not read this, but it sounds intriguing.

    Oh, I love your Agatha reading challenge. Checking that out now. I haven’t read her books in ages, but have always liked her work.

    Have a great weekend, Margot.

    P.S. I’m now following your blog 😀

  2. Margot, I tried the link on Rose City Reader and got an error message. You might want to check it.

    I have relatives in Colorado, so it would be interesting to see if places I’ve viisted show up in the book.

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