First Paragraph: The Secret Place

firstparagraphFirst Chapter First Paragraph is a weekly feature atDiane’s  Bibliophile By the Sea. Even though Diane is taking the summer off, I’m going to continue to post my First Paragraph each week. I’m hoping that others will as well. By sharing the first paragraph of a book I’ve found it a great way to be introduce to new books I might want to read. Its fun to see what other bloggers are reading too.

This week I’m reading the fifth book in the Dublin Murder Squad series. It’s The Secret Place by Tana French. Its the story of two detectives trying to solve a murder at a posh Irish girls school. Here’s the first paragraph:



There’s this song that keeps coming on the radio, but Holly can only ever catch bits of it. Remember oh remember back when were, a girl’s voice clear and urgent, the fast light bent lifting you up off your toes and speeding your heart to keep up, and then it’s gone. She keeps trying to ask the others What is it? but she never catches enough to ask about. It’s always slipping in through the cracks, when they’re in the middle of talking about something important or when they have to run for the bus; by the time things go quiet again it’s gone, there’s just silence, or Rihanna or Nicki Minaj pounding silence away.

What do you think?

Would you keep reading?


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2 Responses to First Paragraph: The Secret Place

  1. I love this series and each of Tana French’s books are met with absolute pleasure – of course I’d keep reading!

  2. I really like Tana French’s books and I’d definitely keep reading – actually I have this book too, waiting to be read.

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