A Book Tour Stop For Fading Starlight by Kathryn Cushman

Fading StarlightLauren is a young woman with a big dream. She’s a gifted fashion designer, but her dream is to have her own line. She suffers a career stopping blow when a dress she designed and made for a teenaged TV actress malfunctioned on the red carpet. The actress’s dress burst open, on camera, exposing her “assets” to the whole world. Lauren was immediately fired and widely discredited.

Lauren had to escape L.A. so she drove to Santa Barbara where she found a run-down cottage and a job designing and making school costumes. Living next door is Charlotte, an older woman who is clearly unpleasant, but gossip has it she’s an old Hollywood ingenue, hiding out in Santa Barbara.

Kendall, a reporter, comes to Lauren offering proof that the wardrobe malfunction was not her fault. Kendall promises Lauren she can get her job back. In exchange, Kendall wants Lauren to give her inormation about Charlotte. Now Lauren has an enormous ethical conundrum. What will she decide?

I liked the story but didn’t love it. It was fun to read and had a bit of romance and a little mystery. I also liked the sewing and fashion sections. The story had an inspirational/religious/Biblical element to it.

I knew that ahead of time as I know that the publisher, Bethany House is one of the largest Christian publishers. The ethical decision facing the main character is one that can affect any one of us and could make for good discussion if this were a book club choice. What made the story a negative for me was that the main character was just too nice – too good. I like characters that are more honest in their struggles. It makes them seem real.

The book will publish on May 3rd so you’ll need to pre-order it now.


 Thanks to the publisher for my copy of the book and to TLC Book Tours for allowing me to be a part of it all. To see other stops on the book tour, visit the schedule here: Fading Starlight Book Tour Schedule

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3 Responses to A Book Tour Stop For Fading Starlight by Kathryn Cushman

  1. I find I have that same problem with Christian fiction. I think a lot of us hope to be that nice but few of us really are.

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  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this book for the tour.

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