A Legal Thriller: Reasonable Fear: A Joe Dillard Novel

Reasonable FearThis year I discovered this Joe Dillard series, legal thrillers by Scott Pratt. After four books, I have to say I’m truly enjoying them. What I enjoy the most is seeing legal problems from a wide variety of viewpoints.

Joe is an attorney in Northeastern Tennessee. He used to be a defense attorney, but then switched to the prosecution side. Now he’s the District Attorney for his part of the state. As Joe and others know, the legal system is not always an ethical one. Fortunately for Joe, Sheriff Leon Bates is both a good friend and an honest man.

Leon and Joe make good partners for the community, but in Reasonable Fear they face an unbelievably evil foe. Their first clue of a problem was the dead body of a young blond woman floating in a nearby lake. Soon two more blondes were found in the water. Good detective work followed and soon they had a good idea of who was responsible.

Almost as soon as they figured out who the killer was, they were warned off by nearly every important person in the state, including the governor. But – that was like waving a red flag in front of a bull for Joe Dillard. Even when he and his entire family’s lives were violently threatened – Joe would not back down.

This was a none-stop, extremely intense story. It definitely earned it’s thriller category. In Joe’s younger days he had been an Army Ranger. There was one scene in this book that felt like it was set on a battlefield rather than his home. Intense is the word I keep using because it was.

As to the ending of the story, all I’ll say is that it surprised me. It changed my plans for reading this series. I had planned to read one book in the series every other month. Not now. I can’t wait two months to get book number five. Its not that major story-lines were left dangling. No, those we resolved. Its just that Joe dropped a bombshell on his family and his readers at the very end. I have to find Conflict of Interest – Book Five so I can keep reading. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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  1. Mystica says:

    Thank you for the reviews and the link to the other reviews.

  2. Beth F says:

    Always a good sign when you can’t wait to get to the next book!

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