Book Review: Kill Shot by Nicole Christoff

Kill ShotPublished by Alibi, March 17, 2015

Jamie Sinclair is 38, single, the owner of her own security firm, and the daughter of a very powerful senator. The senator is not the best of fathers but, when he asks her to do him a favor, she just says yes.

What the senator wants is for Jamie to escort a State Department courier, Katie, to London and back. Katie is to deliver a diplomatic pouch. What is in the pouch is something extremely important to the United States, or so the senator says.

All goes well as the two women travel — up until they are outside London’s Heathrow airport. Someone Jamie calls “Gorilla” attempts to snatch the courier’s pouch, but Jamie is able to thwart him. And then, Jamie and Katie barely get across town and there is another, more serious attack on them. This time “Gorilla” fires a shot.

Luckily for the two women, “Gorilla” is killed before he can succeed in killing one of them. Jamie is able to see just a glimpse of the man who saved her life before he disappears in the crowd. Jamie believes it is the very handsome military policeman she has been seeing socially for the last year. But, how can that be? He doesn’t even know she’s on this trip.

Since there is now a dead body, the police are involved. They are suspicious and have lots of questions. Soon an old college friend, Phillip, is on the scene. Phillip somehow knows all about what’s been going on. He’s with the Foreign Office, but it all seems rather mysterious. Jamie gives him the slip, but he soon finds her again.

As things heat up, Jamie and Katie are on the run all over London. Jamie must protect Katie and the contents of the diplomatic pouch, as well as the people who are the reason for the diplomatic pouch. This is non-stop, excitement-laden story. I found myself clicking the pages, and not wanting to stop before the end.

I liked Jamie – the way she thought, the way she talked, and how she viewed her responsibilities. She was humorous while still being serious. I also liked seeing London through her eyes. Her designer name-dropping of furnishings, clothes, art-work was actually quite fun. I actually “saw” where this story was taking place.

I liked Kill Shot enough that I went back and got Kill List, the first story in this new Jamie Sinclair series. I liked it even better. Jamie Sinclair is a winning character. Give her a try.

Thanks to the publisher for my copy of the book and to TLC Book Tours for allowing me to be a part of it all. To see other stops on the book tour, visit the schedule here: TLC Book Tours

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3 Responses to Book Review: Kill Shot by Nicole Christoff

  1. I’m glad you like this enough to go back and read the previous book! Jamie sounds like a fantastic character.

    Thanks for being a part of the tour.

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  3. Kevin says:

    I, on the other hand, read book one first. Had I read this one first I would not have even finished it. I enjoyed the first book for the most part but in this one Jamie is simply clueless.

    My first real annoyance was when she not only did not defend Barrett when Phillip called him a murderer, she actually was upset with him herself. He saved her life when an assassin was about to kill her. That is a justifiable act, not murder. Then it got worse. For a security specialist and former P.I., she was absolutely clueless! I knew who the traitor was long before she did. And last, if I were in a foreign being pursued by persons unknown, but possibly part of that government, where would I go? Not to some hotel … I would go to the American Embassy. But I suppose that would have ended the book too soon. Then there were the various romantic issues. They were simply an unnecessary distraction in my opinion.

    This book took me way longer to read than book one because I kept having to put it down so I didn’t get any more irritated. I’m undecided as to whether I will read the third one.

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