Book Review: The Highway

HighwayAuthor: C.J. Box

Publisher: Minotaur, July 2013

Genre: Mystery/Crime

Source: Public Library

My Rating: B-

C.J. Box is an author I just discovered a few months ago when a book club member suggested we read one of his books. [See my review at Below Zero.]  I liked it a lot, so when our local library bought his newest novel, I put in a request. Here’s what it’s about:

Cody Hoyt is a detective in Montana. He’s been in and out of trouble all of his career. As the story opens, Cody is planting evidence at a crime scene. His partner, Cassie Dewell, has been ordered by the boss to spy on him. And then, Cody is fired.

At the same time two girls Cody helped in a previous book (Back of Beyond) get themselves in trouble and then disappear. Cody sets off to help them and Cassie agrees to be available by phone and computer for support.

In alternating segments we, the readers, meet a slimy long-haul trucker who calls himself The Lizard King. He preys on truck stop prostitutes and runaway girls. He has two equally disgusting partners and a hidden bunker in the Montana back country. Cody and Cassie figure the whole thing out.

The Highway is quite different from Below Zero, the first book I read. There is a lot more action and a lot more violence. The story takes place in two to three days so it moves quickly. I just didn’t like being in the Lizard King’s head. They were really creepy guys.

Based on what I just said, you probably won’t understand this, but I liked the story. I was surprised several times in the story. There were also several characters I enjoyed meeting. The author did a good job creating and developing them. Overall, it was a tense mystery that sounded like it came straight from recent newspaper stories.

I’ll recommend this book to you, if you are a C.J. Box fan or if you truly enjoy acton novels. Otherwise, you can pass on this one.

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2 Responses to Book Review: The Highway

  1. I brought the audio of this home from the library but have not started it yet.

  2. That sounds like just the kind of movie I hate and the kind of book I love. I need to check out Box’s work.

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