Book Review: Bad Blood

BadBloodAuthor: John Sandford
Publisher: Berkley, 2011
Genre: Crime/Mystery
My Rating: B+

Last week my husband and I drove to the High Sierras to camp. It was about a five hour drive one way. Half of the trip was interstate/boring highways, so I took along this audiobook I’d just picked up from the library. It was perfect for the trip. My husband and I both love John Sandford’s books and especially the Virgil Flowers series.

In Bad Blood, Virgil is asked to help a newly elected sheriff, a female, in a small Minnesota county. There was first the murder of a local prosperous farmer, then the apparent suicide of the teenage suspect, and then the murder-staged-to-look-like-a-suicode of one of the sheriff’s deputies. These three crimes also seem to be linked to a fourth murder of a local girl, who was killed over the state line  in Iowa a year earlier.

All of these cases are centered around a religious sect that seems to use sex as a means of worship. Even for Virgil Flowers, it’s disgusting. It’s also hard to prove, since secrecy and fear is second nature to this community of people. Virgil persists, however, to a satisfying and dramatic conclusion.

Although the subject matter is pretty grim, the author managed to include humor into the story. He does make some serious statements, via the story, about religious mind-control, promiscuity, homosexuality, and the right of all people to partake in consensual sex – heavy on the consent part.

So, overall, this was a fun, interesting, and satisfying story we both enjoyed. We definitely recommend Bad Blood and all the Virgil Flowers’ stories.

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2 Responses to Book Review: Bad Blood

  1. I love Virgil too! I really need to catch up with the series.

  2. kelley says:

    my husband and I recently went on a road trip but the book I got turned out to be a little not to our liking–but we listened anyway because we couldn’t get any radio 🙁 I hope you enjoyed your camping trip.

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