Book Review: The Cottage at Glass Beach

CottageGlassBeavhAuthor: Heather Barbieri

Publisher: Harper Perennial, 2013

Genre: Literary Fiction

My Rating: B

Summary from the publisher:

Married to the youngest attorney general in Massachusetts history, Nora Cunningham is a picture-perfect political wife. But when she learns of her husband’s infidelity, Nora packs up her daughters and takes refuge on Burke’s Island, the craggy spit off the coast of Maine where Nora spent her childhood—until her mother disappeared at sea. By their cottage on Glass Beach, Nora succumbs to grief, her tears flowing into the ocean; days later an enigmatic fisherman named Owen Kavanagh washes up on the rocks nearby. Could he be a selkie—a mythical being of island legend—summoned by heartbreak? Or is Owen simply someone trying, like Nora, to find his way in the wake of his own struggles?

My thoughts:

It’s that time of year when lots of readers start looking for “beach reads.” I guess this falls into that category. Personally, I’d rather read this kind of book in the dead of winter when my mind and body really needs to smell the salt air and feel the sun’s warmth. Whichever way you like your “beach reads,” keep The Cottage at Glass Beach in mind.

It’s a story that could be taken from headlines – the cheating husband and the poor wife with kids in the middle. The author did a good job of developing the characters. The husband is a first class jerk. I felt sorry for Nora, the wife. She was doing her best for herself and her two daughters. The girls are very typical, especially the pre-adolescent 12-year-old.

The best part of The Cottage at Glass Beach is the cottage at Glass Beach and the island it sits on. The setting is so descriptive that I really did feel as if I were there. It’s an enjoyable place to spend the summer, even if it’s only via your eyes.

The Cottage at Glass Beach was a lovely story that I enjoyed a lot. Unfortunately, I wasn’t crazy about it. That has more to do with personal taste than anything. It shouldn’t keep you from giving this book a try. If you’re looking for a good “beach read,” do consider this book.

I read this book as part of a TLC Book Tour. If you’d like to read the opinions of other bloggers who read this book, the schedule is here: TLC Book Tours

Thanks to TLC and the publisher for my copy of the book.

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3 Responses to Book Review: The Cottage at Glass Beach

  1. I imagine the husband drove you crazy. This does sound like a good book for the beach.

  2. kelley says:

    since I never get to the beach I’ll keep this in mind.

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this book for the tour.

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