Book Review: Money Can’t Buy Love

Author: Connie Briscoe

Publisher: Grand Central, 2011

Genre: Women’s Literature

Format: Hard Cover

Source: The publisher for TLC Book Tours

I’ve read two of Connie Briscoe’s previous books, Sisters and Lovers and Sisters and Husbands (link to my review). I thoroughly enjoyed both. Ms. Briscoe brings to life characters that are original and believable. They have flaws, and do stupid things – just like real people. In this new book, Money Can’t Buy Love,  she created a character I didn’t like. Lenora, the main character, is a disaster waiting to happen. Let me share the summary with you first:

Summary from the publisher:

Lenora Stone used to say if she didn’t have bad luck, she wouldn’t have any luck at all. At age thirty-eight, instead of socializing with Baltimore’s A-list, she photographs them for Baltimore Scene, a glossy magazine filled with beautiful people who, unlike Lenora, never have to worry about car trouble and overdue bills. As much as she’d love to slam the door on her overbearing boss, quitting isn’t an option. Lately even things with her boyfriend Gerald haven’t been right.

But what Lenora doesn’t know is that her luck is about to change…

Just when she thinks things can’t get worse, Lenora wins the jackpot in the Maryland lottery. In a heartbeat, all her dreams become possible. She quits her job and indulges her every desire—starting with a shiny, silver BMW and a million-dollar mansion. But in Lenora’s lavish new world, all that glitters definitely isn’t gold. Her old friend’s are concerned about her sudden changes, and Ray, a sexy, young landscaper Lenora covered for the magazine is looking for more than a purely professional relationship.

As her life starts to come together, the things Lenora holds dear begin to fall apart. Has her world really changed for the better, or does fortune come with a heavy price?

My thoughts:

Connie Briscoe did it again. She created a main character that did so many stupid things she definitely felt real. Lenora’s behavior was similar to people I’ve known, and honestly, some of my own behavior traits. However, in Money Can’t Buy Love, the main character was one I couldn’t love. She did almost everything wrong. She was getting some good advice from other people in the story as well as from me as I was reading along. My mantra while reading was, “I can’t believe you did that. Girl, that is so stupid!” (Of course, she paid no attention to me.)

Although Lenora was not a character I could love, she was interesting to follow. And, even though the book wasn’t a fun read, it was so compelling. I couldn’t stop reading. Who doesn’t fantasize about winning the lottery and then plot out what to do with all that money? I have. I’m also curious about what happens to the people who win. That was my curiosity going into the book.

One of the main questions the book tries to answer is this: Which is more important – love or money? I thought the author handled that subject quite well without giving a difinitive answer. There are lots of other questions raised that I think this story would make for an good book club discussion, especially for a woman’s group.

Thanks so much to TLC Book Tours for the opportunity to read Connie Briscoe’s latest novel. If you like the sound of this book, check your local library or local bookstore. Money Can’t Buy Loveis also available at Amazon. (I am an Amazon Associate.)

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8 Responses to Book Review: Money Can’t Buy Love

  1. Beth F says:

    I like the premise: As you mentioned, who doesn’t fantasize about winning the lottery (even if we don’t buy tickets!)? On the other hand, I’m not sure this would be a book for me.

  2. The fact that you were talking to the character in the book tells me she’s well drawn. This sounds like an interesting book!

  3. Sounds interesting, but also like I might find it irritating!

  4. Another author I haven’t heard about .. I’m more tempted to try the first two you mention than this one.

  5. I’m so glad this one didn’t disappoint – it sounds like a great read! Thanks for being a part of the tour.

  6. stacybuckeye says:

    I wouldn’t mind winning the lottery but hope it wouldn’t make me unable to make good decisions!

  7. Mystica says:

    I have read Sisters and Lovers and liked it very much (review up). This is a new one for me.

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