Book Review: Vision In White

by Nora Roberts

Berkley Books, 2009

My Rating: B+

Several decades ago I picked up a Nora Roberts romance book and kept on reading every time she wrote a new one. Then she started trying out new twist to her stories. When she started with the paranormal stuff, I stopped reading her. Now she has a new series of four books and I’ve come back to her. This series is strictly romance. Nothing weird.

The quartet of books is focusing around four women, best friends and partners in Vows, a wedding planning company that guarantees the perfect day. Each of the four friends has a unique role in the business and each will be featured in the four books.

This first book, Vision In White, stars Mackenzie (Mac) Elliot. Mac is the ultimate wedding photographer who specializes in capturing the special moments. She doesn’t like the canned, posed photos. Mac watches for the unguarded moments when she can see something different, something special.

Yes, Mac is very good at her job. Her work and her best friends make up for the lack of a decent family life. Her father has been mostly absent from her life. If her mother, Linda, would be absent it would be better for Mac. Linda is selfish, manipulative, conniving, a witch with a capital B. She expects Mac to pay for all sorts of things for her. What’s worse is that Mac gives in to the manipulation which leads to all sorts of problems.

And then Mac meets Carter Maguire. He’s a stable English teacher who’s serious and smart but also funny and a little clumsy. Carter had a crush on Mac when they were in high school but she never knew it. Now he’s flustered by her and gets somewhat tongue-tied.

The relationship is slow and cautious to begin with, but in a good way. Mac, given her parental history, is convince she can’t fall in love or have any type of long-term relationship. She is seriously attracted to Carter but seriously fights it.

She could stay like this, exactly like this, for hours. Days. All sleepy and warm and tangled up with the delicious Carter Maguire. And in the morning, they could . . .

Her eyes flashed open. What was she thinking? What was she doing? The morning? Hours and days? The quick kick of panic had her jolting upright.

As a leading man Carter is an original. He was so perfect I fell in love with him. Here is how Mac (and I) saw him:

“He’s too much for me. He’s sweet and funny, he’s smart and genuinely kind. He’s sexy and he’s got those glasses. He’s got the ear-blush thing happening. He loves teaching. I watched him lead a class, and it’s . . . It gets stuck right here.” She rubbed a hand between her breasts. “All this feeling and need clogged up.”

She’s got it bad, doesn’t she? The story builds slowly but doesn’t drag. Ms. Roberts takes her time to define all the characters. This is like the Nora Roberts’ books I read for so many years. However there are some subtle differences. These woman are each strong in their own way. They are independent business women, making it on their own. That added to the story for me.

My husband gave me this book and ¬†Book Two for Christmas. Book Three is due in April and Book Four is due later this year. I’ll be reading those, for sure. Check your public library for copies. This book is also available at Amazon. (I am an Amazon Associate.)

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7 Responses to Book Review: Vision In White

  1. cerrin says:

    I cant wait to get these books! I love all Nora Roberts books…even the paranormal stuff. lol

  2. I love the phrase: “strictly romance. Nothing weird.” Some would beg to differ with you on that characterization of romance! :–)

  3. I’m with you on the paranormal stuff, and I love Nora Roberts’ romances. (That’s Tami – Dave, not so much!) I haven’t tried this series yet, but they sound wonderful. Thanks for the review.

  4. I loved this one and have the next one just patiently waiting for me to get into the “love” mood!!! Great review!

  5. Stacy says:

    I have this one here, waiting to be read!

  6. Beth F says:

    I haven’t read any of Nora Roberts’s romances but I really love her In Death mysteries (written as J. D. Robb). And there is a nice bit of romance in those books along with the mystery.

  7. Shon Oszust says:

    Beautiful website!

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