Muffins For Christmas Morning

BerryMuffinsOne of our family traditions has to do with Christmas morning. It started when our children were quite small. They would wake up, super excited to open all the gifts, especially to see what Santa brought. In order for all of us to share the joy together, our rule was that no one opened a present until after breakfast. We did allow each person to get down their own Christmas stocking and see what little goodies were inside.

Once the stocking stuffers were examined, the children were always eager to move on to those mysterious packages under the tree. But first – breakfast –

I don’t know what you do for breakfast on this special day. I’d love to hear your ideas. I have tried all sorts of foods from the grand farm/country breakfast to breakfast casseroles (everyone hated my sausage and egg strata) to something simple. Generally something simple and fast was the best way for us.

You can’t get any faster than muffins and quick breads. These can be done days, even weeks ahead of time. Wrapped carefully, they freeze well and keep for weeks. They can be taken out of the freezer the night before or quickly warmed in the oven.

Mad About Muffins by Dot Vartan is my go-to choice when it comes to making muffins. This book has so much variety among it’s 117 recipes that I have yet to make them all. Here is a sample of choices from this book that are just right for Christmas morning:

  • Cherry Lemon – with dried cherries and fresh lemons
  • Orange Pineapple – with orange juice, crushed pineapple and a marmalade glaze
  • Cranberry Hazelnut – with fresh cranberries, golden raisins and a tiny bit of brandy
  • Oatmeal Applesauce – with chunky applesauce, rolled oats and chopped walnuts
  • Ham and Cheese – with diced ham and shredded Swiss cheese
  • Banana Peanut Butter – exactly what it sounds like – perfect for the little people

I stumbled on several other good muffin books at the library this week. So, if this idea of muffins for Christmas suits you, you still have plenty of time to get to the library and put together some tasty treats for Christmas morning.

Whatever you serve this holiday season, I trust it will be a happy and tasty day for you.

For more discussions of good food, visit Weekend Cooking at Beth Fish Reads.


[Source: I purchased this book a decade ago.]
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12 Responses to Muffins For Christmas Morning

  1. Beth F says:

    Shoot — a great sounding cookbook I don’t own! The muffins sound fabulous and what could be better for a holiday (or any day!) breakfast.

  2. Nicole says:

    I think muffins are a great idea for Christmas breakfast. I need to go and hint one of those down for myself for right now. I love a lot of muffins but I think my fave might be blueberry. Not very exciting but so yummy when toasted with a little butter.

  3. Kathy says:

    I can’t imagine the kids eating before opening their gifts – I would have been squirming around like crazy. We don’t have a Christmas breakfast tradition.

  4. Nan says:

    I’m a big fan of muffins and quick breads! We usually have something breakfasty on Christmas – baked French toast or waffles or pancakes.

  5. Molly says:

    In a lifetime oh so long ago I used to some catering – and mini muffins were a “specialty” — Molly’s Mini Muffins.

    Anyway….I do love a good muffin and the cookbook that I used a lot was Muffins by Elizabeth Alston.

    Since we are transplanted Yankees — our Christmas morning treat is bagels, lox, and cream cheese. I also make an egg casserole and sauteed apples – but the lox and bagels are the favorite.

  6. WordLily says:

    Finding a good breakfast for Christmas morning has always been a challenge. We were always (still are, actually) required to eat before opening gifts, but something everyone likes that’s relatively quick and still somewhat healthy? Difficult. I think breakfast casseroles can work, but muffins and quick breads would be a good option.

    Some of the muffin recipes you mention from this book sound scrumptious!

    One of my favorite muffin recipes is for donut muffins, and it’s great for when you haven’t shopped specifically for muffin ingredients, because it just uses staples but isn’t boring. Once the muffins are baked, you brush the tops with melted butter and then dip in cinnamon sugar. Yum!

  7. I love peanut butter muffins – they’re not just for little people! :–) Back when I was ambitious, I used to make a sour cream coffee cake for Christmas morning. I think last year we also did the bagels and lox thing, especially since Costco has such great lox! This year, for the day after Thanksgiving, I made oven baked French toast and that worked great, because you fix it the day before anyway so it can soak. There are lots of recipes for it on the web. I made one similar to this Paul Deen recipe at with a praline topping, but the one I used didn’t have nutmeg or I would make this one but leave it out (I hate nutmeg for some odd reason). But it’s a delicious and easy dish!

  8. Ti says:

    I make a Southwestern breakfast casserole every year. I found it in a Southern Living magazine years ago and it’s great but this year I am craving good ole french toast and bacon. Yes, it will mean me by the stove but that’s okay.

  9. caite says:

    we do gifts…then eat and tidy up and then do stockings.

    since we were kids, we always had Pillsbury Orange rolls.
    but in the interest of being totally unhealthy, but totally delicious, I also make my hash-brown sausage casserole. it is a recipe I found online which attempts to recreate the Cracker Barrel restaurant’s hash brown casserole and I added a layer of cooked sliced Italian sausage.
    I make it ahead and then stick it in the oven as we start to open gifts. by the time we are done, it is bubbly hot from the oven.

  10. jill says:

    I’m such a savory person, so I love the idea of ham and cheese muffins! YUM! I make monkey bread for my family every Christmas, and everyone just devours it.

  11. Stacy says:

    We are having my parents come to us, for only the thrid time in 13 years! Now I need to start planning the menu, but I could make muffins tomorrow and get them out of the way. Great idea 🙂

  12. Cerrin says:

    I always loved the stockings. Seeing a bulging stocking is something I miss.
    I think for myself for christmas breakfast I will just make bacon, and Tea. lol

    I will sleep in too…as long as my Cats will allow me to sleep in that is.

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