Book Review: Long Time Coming

sandrabrn_I always feel compelled  to explain myself every time I talk about reading a romance novel. Why is that? Okay, I know it’s not Literary Fiction, but it’s reading a book for fun.

Maybe it’s because they are predictable. I already know that boy and girl are going to meet, be attracted to each other, have some problems, but ultimately will get together and live happily ever after. It’s how they get to the “happily ever after” that is the fun part for me.

Long Time Coming fits my requirements. Sandra Brown originally wrote this book in 1989 but updated it in 2006. It’s the story of Marnie, a single mom of an almost sixteen year old son, David. Along comes the famous astronaut, Law. 

Law is furious because someone has been sending him anonymous letters threatening to expose him to scandal regarding a son he didn’t know he had. The letters have Marnie’s address on them so he thinks they came from her. Law shows up at her house and sparks fly, especially after he takes a look at David, who strongly resembles Law. Law doesn’t remember ever sleeping with Marnie and she claims she has never actually given birth to a child.

Who are David’s real parents? Who’s been sending the letters? How are they going to involve David in this situation? How are they going to get to a happy ending?

See how much fun this book is? This book makes for a good Sunday afternoon read or a good old beach read. That’s my recommendation. How do you handle romance novels? Skip them or apologize every time you read one?

Long Time Coming by Sandra Brown, Bantam Books, 2006.

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8 Responses to Book Review: Long Time Coming

  1. Beth F says:

    I almost never read romances but I do read goofy cozy mysteries. Escape reading is fun and good for you. No apologies necessary.

  2. Kathy says:

    There’s no need to apologize – sometimes we need comfort from our reading. I’m glad you enjoyed this one.

  3. Cerrin says:

    I never apologize. I read what I read because that is what I want to be reading. It is my time to do what I want.
    I do remember moving here and working at Dennys and someone saw me reading on my break…and their comment really baffled me…still does to this day. He saw me reading and said. OH you must be in school. as he was pointing to my book. lol Now I could understand if I was reading something intelectual but I was reading a fluff book. Probably romance…I just was so baffled by the fact that he assumed I was in school because I was reading.

  4. FleurFisher says:

    I’m not a great lover of contemporary romances, but if you enjoy them go for it! Different books speak to different people and this one clearly spoke to you!

  5. stacybuckeye says:

    There are good romances and bad romances, just like there is good fiction and not so good fiction. I enjoy romances and some of the cozy mysteries because they are exactly what I want at the time. I still think you are better off spending a few hours reading a romance than watching a few hours of silly tv or a bad movie.
    I love romances (done well, course) and am glad you do too 🙂
    This is a Sandra Brown I haven’t read.

  6. I too feel the need to explain myself, but “summer” or “Sunday” are equally adequate one-word excuses that always work!

  7. Nicole says:

    Nothing wrong with a good romance. I enjoy Sandra Brown because she usually throws in a good mystery as well.

  8. No need to explain, I love a good romance, especially if there is a good mystery thrown in. I enjoy Sandra Brown as well and working my way through her books slowly.

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