Book Review: Bed of Roses

by Nora Roberts Berkley Books, 2009 My Rating: B+ This is Book Two in the Bride Quartet. My review of Book One is here. Book Three, Savor the Moment, is coming next week and I wanted to finish this one before number three arrived. It’s not absolutely necessary to read them in order, but it […]

Book Review: Knit One, Kill Two

by Maggie Sefton Berkley Prime Crime, 2005 My Rating: B Kelly Flynn is a CPA back in Washington D.C. She’s used to looking at details and analyzing information. But, as the story opens, she’s in Fort Connor, Colorado for her aunt’s funeral. Aunt Helen was Kelly’s last remaining relative and had been a mother-figure to […]

Book Review: Lincoln Lawyer

by Michael Connelly Grand Central Publishing, 2005 My Rating: A Mickey Haller is what everyone loves to hate – a defense attorney for society’s criminals. His clients are drug dealers, thieves, prostitutes, etc. He doesn’t need a fancy office. He owns several Lincoln Town Cars and conducts a lot of his business there. He runs […]

Book Review: What I Know

I just finished reading this book that is inspirational, humorous, and a wonderful celebration of the best of what’s inside people. I’m going to give you a summary of the book and share a few quotes. In addition, I’m going to post some quotes from the book over in my left sidebar and keep it […]

Book Review: The Postmistress

by Sarah Blake Penguin Group February 9, 2010 My Rating: C This is a World War II era story which centers around some of the people of a coastal New England town. The story is told primarily from the viewpoint of three of the young women in the town. Frankie Bard: Prior to the entry […]

Book Review: Leah’s Choice

I confess to being curious about the lives of people who live in secluded religious communities. The Amish are of special interest because they are not separated behind compound-gates. They live on farms right in the middle of the “English.” I enjoy reading novels about fictitious Amish, especially those that seem real. I’ve read three […]

Book Review: In the Land of Cotton

In the Land of Cotton by Martha A. Taylor Outskirts Press, 2009 Martha Taylor was a young white girl living in segregated Memphis, Tennessee when the story opens in 1956. A variety of stereotypes about African Americans had been taught to her as facts. Fortunately for Martha she was very observant and also quite curious. […]

Book Review: First Family

Jay and I listened to this audiobook on a recent road trip. It was the perfect audiobook for that purpose. First, let me tell you what the book is about. From the back cover: It began with what seemed like an ordinary children’s birthday party. Friends and family gathered to celebrate. There were balloons and cake, […]

Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Deception

From the back of the book: After Bourne is ambushed and nearly killed while in Bali, he fakes his death to take on a new identity and mission- to find out who is trying to assassinate him. In the process, Bourne begins to question who he really is and what he would become if he […]

TLC Book Tour: Something Beyond Greatness

What happens inside a person that allows him/her to exhibit acts of greatness? During my career as a Human Resource professional, I literally knew thousands of people. I saw people walk in the door and go on to be outstanding leaders. On the opposite end, I saw people do just the bare minimum. I’ve asked […]