A Social Justice Issue: Hunger

The Social Justice Challenge asks participants to examine a different social issue each month. For April the issue is hunger. This is not the issue of someone going to bed hungry because they’re on a diet. This issue of hunger involves people staying in bed because they are too weak. These people, often children, are […]

Social Justice Challenge Issue: Water

For most of my life I have taken water for granted. If I need it, I go to any number of faucets and turn the water on. Drinking it, cooking with it, cleaning my body, house and clothes with it, plus giving water to my grass and plants – these are all activities I have […]

Social Justice Challenge: Religious Freedom

January is kick-off month for the year long Social Justice Challenge. I joined because there are so many issues I care about. This month the issue is Religious Freedom. Why does religious freedom matter to me? I grew up in an extremely religious family. If the church was open, we were there. After supper we […]