Book Review: Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight

by Alexandra Fuller Random House, 2001 Rating: A It’s the 1970’s and Bobo (Alexandra) has been living in Rhodesia since she was two. She’s a young white girl, born to English parents. That’s her on the cover of the book. Don’t you love that expression on her face? She is curious, feisty while still being […]

Classics Circuit: Edith Wharton

It is my pleasure to welcom Edith Wharton to my blog by way of the Classics Circuit. January has been designated as the month to read Ms.Wharton’s works and tell others about them. I chose to read one of her non-fiction pieces, The Writing of Fiction. As a reader, I’m interested in knowing how various writers […]

Book Review: Prime Time

By Hank Phillippi Ryan MIRA, 2009 My Rating: A I’m feeling pretty smug right now but I’ll try not to strut in an obnoxious way. Why am I smug? Because, for once, I have a great book that is number one in the series. Not only the first book – I have all four books! […]

Book Review: French Milk

by Lucy Knisley Simon & Schuster, 2007 My Rating: C+ Lucy is approaching her twenty-second birthday, approaching adulthood. As a gift, as a rite-of-passage, Lucy is given a five-week trip to Paris with her mother. From a small rented apartment they venture out to see everything that Paris has to offer. They see the major […]

A Couple of Books

I have two small books to tell you about before we end this year. The 7 Great Prayers by Paul and Tracey McManus The McManus’ created the prayers during an extremely low period in their lives. They had nothing left to do but pray. “One sleepless night, we lay in bed in the middle of […]

Book Review: The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

by Barbara Robinson HarperCollins, 1972 My Rating: A I’m a huge fan of reading Dicken’s Christmas Carol at this time of the year but – there is also a great American Christmas classic that’s fun to read too. Fun is the operative word here. Synopsis (from Amazon): The Herdmans are the worst kids in the […]

Book Review: Leah’s Choice

I confess to being curious about the lives of people who live in secluded religious communities. The Amish are of special interest because they are not separated behind compound-gates. They live on farms right in the middle of the “English.” I enjoy reading novels about fictitious Amish, especially those that seem real. I’ve read three […]

Muffins For Christmas Morning

One of our family traditions has to do with Christmas morning. It started when our children were quite small. They would wake up, super excited to open all the gifts, especially to see what Santa brought. In order for all of us to share the joy together, our rule was that no one opened a […]

Book Review: The Seven Dials Mystery

I just finished reading this tenth published novel of Agatha Christie. In it she brought back a familiar place and some familiar characters. The setting is the country estate, Chimneys, which was the setting for her sixth novel, The Secret at Chimneys (1925). Ms. Christie meant The Seven Dials Mystery to be a sequel to […]

Book Review: A Cousin’s Prayer

A Cousin’s Prayer by Wanda Brunstetter Barbour Publishing, 2009 My Rating: C+ Within the last few weeks I’ve received two books in the Amish romance genre. This genre has become very popular in the past few years, probably because it reflects a way of life that is basic and much more simple than the hectic […]