Book Review: The Summer’s End by Mary Alice Monroe

Special note: That is the author’s daughter on the cover. Publisher: Gallery Books, 2015 As I said the other day, I love to pick a book each year that epitomizes my feelings about the end of summer. You know the feeling – the one where you’re sad that summer is over, but you’re excited about […]

Book Review: The Reinvention of Albert Paugh

. Author: Jean Davies Okimoto Publisher: Endicott and Hugh Books, 2015 Not every retiree calls themselves Joyfully Retired. Some people, like Albert Paugh, retire and then regret it. In Albert’s case, retirement was something he was forced to do. He’d had a heart attack and surgery, his wife panicked and made him retire. But Al […]

The Best Audiobok Of the Year (So Far): Dancing At the Rascal Fair

Author: Ivan Doig Publisher: Scribner/Simon & Schuster, 1987 Format: Audiobook Narrated by Robert Ian McKenzie (20 Hours) I absolutely love this writer and the Western characters he creates. I swear he is telling us about real people and – I know them! I’ve read a number of his books now so I know he’s that […]

Book Review: The Other Woman

Author: Hank Phillippi Publisher: Forge Books 2012 Genre: Mystery Jane is a journalist, newly working for a Boston newspaper. She was a TV journalist until she refused to reveal a source. The TV station fired her and everywhere she goes people seem to believe she did something wrong. In spite of that Jane is a true […]

Book Review: Wings In the Dark

. Author: Michael Murphy Publisher: Alibi Genre: Mystery, Historical Fiction My Reason For Reading This Book: I’ve read the first two books in this great new mystery series and I had to keep going. The two main characters are worth spending time with. They are former private investigator and mystery writer, Jake Donavan, and Broadway and […]

Book Review: The Widow’s Son

. Author: Thomas Shawver Publisher: Alibi July 2015 Genre: Mystery My Reason For Reading This Book: I read the first two books in the series and enjoyed them. I like the main character, Michael Bevan. He’s very flawed which makes him seem more realistic. Michael always wants to take a short-cut to success, so he’s […]

Two “English” Books: English Creek and The English Girl

Two of the books I read this past month have the word “English” in their titles. English was also important within the stories. In English Creek by Ivan Doig (Scribner 2005), it’s all about a whole forestry division in northeastern Montana during the 1930s. Fourteen-year-old Jick McCaskill’s father was a Forest Ranger responsible for this […]

Book Review: That Chesapeake Summer by Mariah Stewart

This is the sixth year in a row Mariah Stewart has given us a touching summer romance set in the small town of St. Denis. Thanks to her previous nine novels, I already know most of the prominent citizens. I always enjoy touching base with those people and then meeting a new two-some. In That […]

A Legal Thriller: Reasonable Fear: A Joe Dillard Novel

This year I discovered this Joe Dillard series, legal thrillers by Scott Pratt. After four books, I have to say I’m truly enjoying them. What I enjoy the most is seeing legal problems from a wide variety of viewpoints. Joe is an attorney in Northeastern Tennessee. He used to be a defense attorney, but then […]

A Summer Reading Classic: Coming Home by Rosamund Pilcher

For years my summer reading always included a novel by Rosamunde Pilcher. Her character-rich stories always took me off to the English countryside to meet interesting people who would soon become my friends. Now that the author is no longer writing, I decided to go back and re-read one of my favorites. Coming Home is […]