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Hi everyone. Thanks for stopping by. I had another great reading week. Let me share it with you.

Last weekend I read A City of Veils by Zoe Ferreris as my book choice for the Monthly Motif Challenge. This month’s motif was to read diversely. This book certainly took me out of my comfort zone. It’s a murder mystery set in Saudi Arabia. The body of a young woman was found dead on a beach, her identity unknown. In a possibly related matter is the missing husband of an American woman.

What is truly fascinating and educational is how something like investigating a crime can be when trying to navigate through this system of hidden women—women who are kept at home and hidden under burqas (garment covering the body from head to toe, including the face) when in public. Women fear being arrested by the religious police for a variety of reasons such as their burqa slipping and exposing part of their face. As Saudi Arabia experiences more outside influence there is the desire on the part of some of the women to move beyond the traditional roles of wife and mother. One of the main characters, Katya, is a Forensic scientist, but she struggles to be taken seriously.

Detecting the source of the crime is a interesting a journey and watching the femine problems in this story. I highly recommend City of Veils.

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After reading City of Veils I had to work through my feminist frustrations by turning to this next book. First I saw Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi on a TED Talk. She was talking about feminism and I became a fan. Then I read the author’s novel, Americanah. I picked that book as one of my favorite books of the year. My oldest daughter was paying attention and, for Christmas, she gave me a copy of We Should All Be Feminists. This little book was just what I needed.

When Ms. Adichi speaks of the girls in her native Nigeria, it’s easy to see the need for feminist vigor. But when I look at the world as a whole I have to agree that we should care about making sure all of our girls, actually all females have the advantages we offer to our boys and men. It’s about being fair. I encourage you to find a copy of this little 49 page gem.

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I also managed to listen to the audiobook Belgravia. It’s my first time reading a Julian Fellowes novel. I’ve watched Downton Abbey several times, but have never read the book. There is no doubt that Belgravia is a Julian Fellowes novel. It contains the classic upstairs-downstairs drama along with the rising tension between the upper classes and the growing group of nouveau riche industrial class. At the heart of the story is a secret held tightly for generations by two families. The writing was not very descriptive. It felt more like an outline for a screen play or perhaps a PBS series. I can see the costumes and mansions now.

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Away From the Blog:

Last Monday my husband and I went to see Hostiles, the latest Western staring Christian Bale. My husband is a big fan of Western movies, but they have been rare in the last few decades. We went hoping it would be good. My husband really liked it. I thought it was good, but not great. I thought the main actor mumbled a lot so I didn’t catch everything said. We both liked the story. Basically, an army captain is ordered to escort a Cheyenne chief and his family back to their native area. It requires traveling through very dangerous territory. There is violence, but then that’s the hallmark of every Western.

Our grandson caught the cold that has been passed around at his preschool so we stepped in while his parents were at work for a couple of days. The one thing that kept him quiet and occupied was a whole series of puzzles. One day we put together six different puzzles. We did everything from 35 to 100 pieces. The red dog above is one I love because of the colors. TJ loves a funny one of a pirate ship during laundry day. There are no straight edges. Its all various curves. Its a little challenging, but not impossible.

That’s all for this week. Have a great week ahead. Happy Reading.

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3 Responses to Weekly Review

  1. I loved City of Veils too and will have to look for We Should All Be Feminists.

    My whole family loves puzzles so that sounds like a fun activity. I hope TJ’s feeling better.

  2. Kay says:

    I haven’t read City of Veils, but it and the previous book in the series (Finding Nouf) have been on my list for a long, long time. Glad it was interesting for you. Sorry your grandboy has been sick, but puzzles seem to have done the trick. We’re not going to see the western – they compared it to Unforgiven, which my husband thought was the worst movie ever. So…no. Have a good week, Margot!

  3. Ti Reed says:

    There is a lot of feminist angst in the books coming out. I am not sure I am up to reading them! I read to escape so instead I gravitate towards dysfunction. I just went to Edelweiss to look something up and walked away with 6 books for download. I was trying to reduce my list but no luck.

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