My Week In Review:

Hi everyone. Thanks for joining me this week. Its been a lovely quiet, but rainy week here in northern California. I’d say “nice reading weather,” but truthfully, all weather is good reading weather.

My “big” book this week was Lilac Girls by Martina Kelly. This is another European World War II story. The book looks at how the war effects civilians as seen through the eyes of three women:

  • Caroline Ferriday who works in New York City at the French Consulate. She works frantically trying to help ordinary people in France.
  • Kasia Kuzmerick is a teenager living in Poland when the Germans invade. She does what she can to help the underground resistance as well as her family.
  • Herta Oberheuser is a young doctor whose ambition takes her to the notorious women’s prison, Ravensbrück. In this character we see the most conflict when it comes to doing what she is ordered to do and what is right.

The story is unbelievably well-written, especially considering it is Martina Kelly first novel. The story is told alternately from each woman’s perspective. Its a gruesome story at times, but it also has some moments of triumph. Overall, however, this is a sad story, but one I can highly recommend.

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Crossing To Safety by Wallace Stegner was the story of two couples who met in Madison, Wisconsin when the husbands were both young professors. They met in the 1930s, but the story shows their relationship over the decades. One couple, Larry and Sally were struggling financially when they first met. On the other hand Sid and Charity were multi-millionaires who never flaunted it and were very generous. The couples hit it off right away, especially the wives.

This book was a book club choice. About two-thirds of the members loved the book and raved about the writing of the author. (This is our third Wallace Stegner book.) I’m in the one-third of the group who was not crazy about Crossing To Safety. One positive I can say is that its a good character study of the four main characters. On the whole it didn’t work for me — there wasn’t much of a plot/story. Sine the group was so divided in our opinions, it made for a very good book club discussion.

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What I’m Watching:

RcentlyI discovered Hart of Dixie on Netflix. There are four seasons of this show, although I haven’t watched them all. It is easy to click through to the next show at the conclusion of one. In other words its highly addictive and I find myself having “wasted” hours on my iPad. Oh well, I am retired. It is fun and I love all the characters.

The premise of the show is that a young female doctor/surgeon, Zoe Hart, inherited half a medical practice from her biological father, one she didn’t know she had. The setting is a stereotypical small town in Alabama. I find the situations and the people quite funny, although after one and a half seasons I’m starting to think of this as a form of prime-time soap opera.

That’s all for me. Have a great week ahead. Happy Reading.

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2 Responses to My Week In Review:

  1. Kay says:

    I’m pretty sure I tried to read Crossing to Safety at one point and just couldn’t get into it. Sounds like my reaction was a lot like yours. I did have one of our mystery group members recommend Lilac Girls at our December meeting. Not a mystery, but she loved it. It’s on my list. Have a good week, Margot!

  2. Ti Reed says:

    I loved Crossing to Safety. It was a book club pick for us too and most everyone enjoyed it but I like quiet novels.

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