My Reading Week

Hi everyone. Thanks for joining  me. I had another wonderful reading week. I completed three books and am currently reading two more.

The book that captured most of my heart and mind this week was All the Ugly and Wonderful Things by Bryn Greenwood. The conditions for the childen in this story are so bad they broke my heart. We first met Wavy when she was five and her little brother is a baby. Her mom has been in jail, but even when she’s home, she’s worse than absent. Wavy’s dad makes his living selling all sorts of drugs. He’s also an absent parent. Wavy has all sorts of problems, but fortunately she’s smart and she’s a survivor.

One night Wavy was out in the meadow watching the stars. As she walked home she spooked a young man on a motorcycle causing him to crash and suffer serious injuries. Surprisingly, they bonded immediately. It turned out that this was Kellen, a mechanic who also worked for her dad. His work might occasionally put him on the wrong side of the law, but he appears to be a good guy anyway. He does understand that the two children aren’t being treated right. He does what he can to help Wavy without getting them on the wrong side of her father.

I listened to the audiobook version of this story. It was very well done as was the writing. The story is told through the use of various narrators. I liked that the author allowed us to see the development of the characters and the relationships on into Wavy’s adulthood. Although the subject matter was grim, I highly recommend this book.

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The Rooster Bar by John Grisham

The thing about John Grisham’s books is this: If he writes one, I’ll read it. No matter what. He’s my favorite kind of writer — the kind whose plots are always super-interesting and are about extraordinary things surrounding the justice or legal system. He gives us all the background knowledge only an insider could know. Plus his characters are perfect. Usually there is someone who is an ordinary person who gets into something so horrid or outrageous that he needs some kind of fancy legal help to keep him out of trouble.

The Rooster Bar is a story about four students in their last year of law school. They have so much student loan debt – like $150k to $200k – with no jobs in sight. It’s a situation we read about far too often. Two of the students devise a scheme to get even with their less than reputable, for-profit law school and find a way to pay off their student debt. It’s pure Grisham and I enjoyed it enormously.

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I ended the week with a light, sweet read. Life After Wife is another contemporary, some what sophisticated love-story by Carolyn Brown. This is now my fourth novel of this author and must say I find the loads of fun. They are not at all like the old “bodice-rippers.” They’re not gutsy tales of teens or early-twenty somethings either.

In this story Sophie and Elijah have each inherited equal parts in Aunt Maud’s Texas cattle ranch. Each wants sole ownership and they’re willing to buy out the other. But, of course, events occur to make it difficult to do that. Since this is a sweet love story I was pretty sure how it was going to end. However, all the little twists the author threw in made it quite enjoyable. If you’re for s light love story, I rcommend trying a Carolyn Brown story.

That’s it for me this week. Not much else is happening right now. I did indeed have a great reading week. I hope you did too. Happy Reading.


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3 Responses to My Reading Week

  1. Kay says:

    Sounds like you did have a good reading week! I haven’t read a Grisham book in years. He somehow got off my list – maybe one day he’ll get back on it. LOL

  2. I read All the Ugly and Wonderful Things a year or two ago and thought it was very well done. Greenwood made me care about characters who did things I didn’t like.

  3. Ti Reed says:

    I own a copy of All the Ugly and Wonderful Things but I feel like I have to be in the right mood to read it. I know it’s a heavy subject matter. Right now I am in the mood for a real page turner but have to read two book club books first, both of which are not page turners.

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