A Look At My Week

Hi everyone. It’s nice to be back home again after a few weeks off for family holiday time. Except for an all-family cough/cold, we had a super time. It was so good to see how those two beautiful granddaughters are blossoming. Our youngest member, four-year-old TJ, called the trip his “Portland Adventure.” We enjoyed comparing our Santa Rosa Children’s Museum with Portland’s, but the best spot for him was the real submarine at Portland’s Science Museum. A nice touch was the snow on the ground for Christmas day.

I have to confess: I did not read a lot while I was gone. I was so excited about getting Prairie Fires by Caroline Fraser, the “real” story behind the Little House book. However, within a few chapters I gave up. It was so negative that I didn’t want to ruin my holiday. I’ll come back to it in a month or so. I did read a couple of books for upcoming book club meetings, but I’ll share that with you next week.

Today let me share my list of reading challenges I’ll work on this year.

My GoodReads Challenges

Goal: 104 books

Angel's Guilty Pleasures

Library Love Challenge

Hosted by Angel’s Guilty Pleasure

Goal: Library Addict Level: 48+ books

*Neew this year: Monthly Motif Challenge

Hosted by Girlxo 

Goal: 12 books

Foodies Read

Hoted at Based On a True Story

Goal: 6 books

What’s In A Name? (A perennial favorite-my 8th year)

Hosted by The Worm’s Hole

  • The word ‘the’ used twice
  • A fruit or vegetable
  • A shape
  • A title that begins with Z – can be after ‘The’ or ‘A’
  • A nationality
  • A season

Goal: All 6

NonFiction Challenge

Hosted by Doing Dewey

Goal: 20% of books read will be nonfiction

~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

What I’m Watching  .  .  .  Well, Going To Watch:

My twelve-year-old granddaughter, Lou, wrote out a list of movies she believes I will love. We tend to like the same things so I trust her judgement. I have the first two already coming from the library. The both feature twelve-year-olds – Lou’s age. Did I mention Lou is taking Drama this year? They just finished Romeo and Juliet. Have you seen any of these movies?

Stand By Me

Now and Then

Collaterial Beauty

The Truman Show      

That’s it for me this week. Hope  you don’t mind my “listing” post. Now it’s time to get on woth some serious reading if I’m going to meet all my challenges. Happy Reading to you too.

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4 Responses to A Look At My Week

  1. Kay says:

    Margot, so glad you guys all got to be together in Portland. We loved the Science Museum when we lived them and visited a number of times. You’ve got your work cut out for you with those challenges, but I suspect they will be right up your alley and work well with your regular reads. I’ve seen Now and Then many times – my daughter loved that movie. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Stand By Me, but can’t remember much about it. Stephen King story, right? And I remember seeing The Truman Show a long time ago. Hope you have a good week!

  2. Between a cold and family, I don’t blame you for not reading much.

    The only one of Lou’s movie suggestions I’ve seen is The Truman Show – it’s interesting and thought provoking. I love that the two of you have similar taste!

    Have fun with your challenges!

  3. Vicki says:

    I haven’t been reading my “first book of 2018” much but I don’t have to work Tuesday or Wednesday so I’m hoping to get a lot of it done then.

    I love your granddaughters name, my middle name is Lou, which isn’t short for anything 🙂

  4. Ti Reed says:

    Everyone is buzzing over that Little House book but you are the first to mention how negative it is. Hmmm. I enjoyed the show but never read the books so I am not die hard fan but a negative spin would not work for me.

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