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Hi Everyone, thanks for joining me this week. I’m all about Christmas reading today. I have always read various traditional Christmas books and watched traditional movies such as A Christmas Carol, White Christmas and so forth. I also like to pick up some modern pieces. Here are three I’ve enjoyed this week:

The Twelve Clues of Christmas by Rhys Bowen

I just “discovered” Rhys Bowen this year via her stand-alone novel, Farleigh Field. I liked it so much I decided to read more of her work. I’ve now read several from her Royal Spyness Mystery series. The Twelve Clues of Christmas is one of them. The main character, Lady Georgiana, has no money of her own and is always looking for odd jobs and other ways to earn money. Georgie takes a job hostessing a house party for the holidays in the lovely English countryside. There is a quaint village near to the manor house and residents have been dying at the rate of one per day for the past week. Georgie is an excellent amateur detective and helps solve this mystery. Great fun.

Believing by Sandra Brown

I listened to Sandra Brown read her short Christmas story featuring her mother. Titled Believing, its the story of how her mother helped her understand believing in Santa when she was a little girl and then her mother’s actions in the last weeks of her life as she battled cancer. Her mother reached out to her fellow patients and showed them, by example, how to believe in hope. Its a lovely story for the holidays and I doubt you can read/listen to the story without a tear or two.

Amazing Peace by Maya Angelou

This book is the “piece de resistance” for the week. Its Maya Angelou’s Amazing Peace. This poem was first read at the White House in 2005 as part of the Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

At first I bought this poem for my kindle, but as I started reading it I thought of the author’s beautiful melodic voice reading her poems on other occasions. I wondered if there was a recording of this poem. Yes! The library had a copy. While at the library I discovered the poem was published as a beautifully illustrated children’s book. Perfect! Inside the front cover was a cd of Maya Angelou reading the book. Double perfect! This is so much more than reading a book — its an experience. Listening to Maya Angelou while absorbing all the details of the pictures — well, it had to be done more than once, This lovely book was illustrated by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher. See if you can find a copy at your library or local book store. It’s just right for children of all ages.

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Away From the Blog:

Prepared for Christmas? I’m almost too busy to stop and talk about it. I’m only half-way done with Christmas shopping. I haven’t sent even one Christmas card yet or done much in the way of decorations. We will be heading to Portland, as usual, for the holidays and I have at least thought about what needs to be done to accomplish that. This coming week will have to be my pull-it-all-together week, so I’m not going to stress out about all that right now. Somehow everything always comes together.

I can share one Happy Holiday thing with you. Our town sets up small Christmas Trees all over the Town Green. Various groups in town sign up to decorate them. When they are done people come from all over to “tour” the Green and admire all the creativity. Our grandson TJ’s Montsori Preschool signed up to decorate a tree. As you can see in the picture above, the kids covered their tree with pictures and objects about firefighters, including a fireman’s hat on the top. Firefighters are big heroes in this community. The kids were excited to honor our local heroes.

That’s it for this week. I hope your week is going well. Happy Reading.

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4 Responses to A Look At My Week

  1. I love Christmas reading and need to get my hands on Amazing Peace – I think I’ll add the book to my Christmas wish list.

    I’m almost done with my shopping and am halfway through my Christmas cards. Next comes baking and meal planning.

    I love the tree the kids decorated! Firefighters should be heroes everywhere.

  2. Vicki says:

    After reading your thoughts about Amazing Peace I downloaded a copy of the audio to my iPhone.

    The idea of putting trees out is great and the tree in the photo is wonderful.

  3. I enjoyed the first Royal Spyness book earlier this year and have Farleigh Field on my wish list… the Christmas books sounds good. Love the idea of the decorated trees on the town green!

  4. Tina Reed says:

    I love that town tree idea.

    I am not done with Christmas shopping but I am thinking about just stopping after tonight. I am not into the shopping at all. I’ve been working at the homeless shelter every week and it just doesn’t feel right to buy stuff that is not needed.

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