Wondrous Words #419

WWWEvery week word-lovers post new words they’ve discovered while reading. It’s called Wondrous Words Wednesday and was created by Kathy at Bermuda Onion’s Weblog.

I heard this word on TV while listening to an interview with Senator Adam Schiff:

percipient: “It allows the opposition to line up percipient witnesses.”

Percipient refers to a person having a good understanding of things. By the way, the interviewer on the TV show didn’t know the meaning of the word either. He made a point of asking the senator the definition and then thanking him for giving all of us a new word.


That’s all for me this week. Don’t forget to visit Kathy for more Wondrous Words Wednesday.

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  1. I’m impressed that you manage to figure out words you hear. I’m not always sure of the spelling so often don’t get the word right. I don’t think I’d be a percipient witness.

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