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Hi everyone. Thanks for stopping by. I had a lovely week and I hope you did too. Thanksgiving consumed most of the week and that’s a good thing. I’ll tell you about it at the bottom of this post. In spite of everything, I did manage to read three books.

What is it about series books, especially mysteries? I’m addicted to them. I really love reading them as it gives me a chance to spend more time with the characters I like. This week’s books were all series books and all mysteries.

The first two books were from Elizabeth Edmondson’s A Very English Mystery series. The books are set in the early fifties, a time when England was still recovering from the war. The setting is Selchester Castle in the quiet and lovely English countryside.

The main characters are Hugo Hawksworth and his young (13) sister, Georgia, and Freya Wryton. As Book #1, A Man of Some Repute, opened they are the only ones living at the castle in addition to the housekeeper. The castle has been mostly vacant for severn years, ever since the Earl of Selchester went missing. But now a set of bones have been discovered and they are indeed those of the missing Earl.

Its determined the Earl did not die naturally, but was murdered. Determining the reason for the death and who was responsible falls to the local police, but its really Hugo, Georgia and Freya who are on-the-spot and really work to solve the case. Hugo has been working as an intelligence agent, but no one is supposed to know that. He has great investigative skills and knows all the right people. Freya is supposed to be at the caste writing a family history, but she secretly writes best selling romance novels. She’s also very observant and has good people skills. Georgia sees life from a different perspective so she’s great at asking the not-so-obvious.

The second book, A Question of Inheritance, introduces a new Earl, Gus, to the castle along with his two teenage daughters. What is about to be uncovered are an attic full of valuable paintings, possibly stolen ones. Hugo is involved in the hunt for two top-secret spies, but he adds murder investigaion to his duties when an art dealer is found dead in the green-house. Everyone at the castle, including the new arrivals, join in to solve the newest puzzle. It is lots of fun getting to know all the new characters and see how they intermingle with the current residents and the villagers.

Both books are well written and give the reader enough clues to be right in there at the conclusion. There are more books in this series and I’m definitely going to pursue this series.

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UPDATE: On Sunday I posted a review for Book #1 in this series, something I had done just the previous week. I refuse to call  it senility – it’s just “senior brain.” (The words sound better.) Here is the book I meant to tell you about:

Incriminating Evidence is Seldon Siegel’s second book featuring lawyer Mike Daley. In this book Mike finds himself defending the local district attorney, a former law partner and a man Mike can’t stand. The man is also running for California’s attorney general and, so far, is doing quite well. But now, the man has been arrested for murdering a male prostitute. As Mike digs into the background of everybody involved, it all turns quite sleazy. In addition to prostitution, there is big time drug-dealing, gangs, dirty businessmen, dirty politicians, and maybe a dirty priest.

There are loads of plot twists in this story—so many people who might have been responsible that it keep me at it long after I should have taken a break. This is one series I don’t mind recommending.

Away From the Blog:

We had a most happy and gratitude-filled Thanksgiving. I love a Thanksgiving where everyone contributes a dish to the feast. It makes for a wonderful sharing of flavors and traditions. The picture above shows just a portion of the twenty-six family and friends gathered.

Everyone had loads of fun, but probably not as much as these four boys who made up the kid’s table. One of the boys made those great turkey hats which were so cute. As is our tradition, every person, even the boys, shared one thing they are thankful for. The list was overwhelming. We do indeed have so much to be grateful for.

Happy Reading everyone.

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  1. Your Thanksgiving is exactly what the holiday is about. I’m amazed you managed to read so much last week.

  2. Vicki says:

    I love Thanksgiving with family and like you, everyone brings a dish. I make the turkey and a few sides.

    Those turkey hats are so neat!

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