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Hi everyone. Thanks for stopping by. I’m enjoying the sense of excitement that comes around this time of the year — the anticipation of the fun ahead. Right now we are looking forward to this week’s gathering of about twenty-five people. My son and daughter-in-law will make the turkey and a few other things, and everyone else will bring the rest of the menu. I’m going to make pumpkin pies and my husband will make his famous brussel sprouts with bacon. Before dinner begins its a tradition for each person to share one thing he or she is thankful for this year. The hardest part is keeping it to just one thing. I hope you too have an abundance of things for which you are thankful.

I’m thankful for audiobooks. With my diminished eye-sight, I’d be a non-reader without them. Plus, it allows me to be mobile while reading. This week I did a lot of “reading” while doing some deep cleaning. I listened to a light and sweet story set in modern-day Texas.

The Lilac Bouquet by Carolyn Brown is the story of Emmy Jo, a young woman determined to have a public wedding to break the spell of her mother. grandmother and great-grandmother. Her great-grandmother, who raised her, is okay with that, she just doesn’t like the family of Emmy Jo’s fiance. She also doesn’t like the man who Emmy Jo is about to take a four-month nursing job with. There are obviously some important secret from the past and Emmy Jo is determined to learn what they are. I enjoyed the unraveling of that secret and the opening of new relationships. I always love it when people in my age group are a key part of the story.  A very satisfying story.

I also read a new-to-me legal thriller, Special Circumstances by Seldon Siegel. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, primarily because of the characters, plus the setting – San Francisco. The main character, Mike Daley, really drew me in. As the story begins, Mike is leaving his partnership at one of San Francisco’s largest law firms. Prior to working at the law firm he was a public defender, and before that he was a priest. Quite a resume! Mike is opening his own one-man law firm, but even before the door is open he has his first client — a good friend at the old law firm is accused of a double murder right in the office.

The investigation seemed quite thorough. Mike involved friends — a former cop, his ex-wife, Rosie who is also a lawyer, and a few other key characters. Since the murder occurred right in the firm’s office, it felt like I was right there with all the juicy stuff — a little gossipy. I liked how deep this investigation went and all that was uncovered.

I am excited to find another good legal thriller as I truly love to read them. Lucky for me, there are six more in Seldon Siegel’s series. If you too like legal thrillers I recommend trying this one.

Away From the Blog:

As you know, I’m a huge Agatha Christie fan, so I’ve been patiently waiting for the new movie version of Murder On the Orient Express. My husband, who has never read the book, went to see that latest movie with me.

This is the classic story of a man murdered on a train in a compartment that is locked. Agatha Christie, and others, have written other “locked-door novels” but this one is quite dramatic, whether you’re reading the story or watching it. In addition there is a whole cast-list of classic characters.

The movie was very close to Agatha Christie’s story. What makes this movie better is the outstanding cast of actors and the incredibly beautiful scenery, set designs, and costumes. There is nothing like the big screen – the ability to be right there in that amazing story. Go see it before it leaves town.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving week. Happy Reading!


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3 Responses to My Week In Review

  1. Your Thanksgiving celebration sounds wonderful! The Lilac Bouquet sounds good.

  2. Vicki says:

    I can’t wait for Thanksgiving either! My daughter and I were going to go see Murder On The Orient Express but I decided to read, actually listen, to the book first since I had never read it. We plan on going soon to see it. I love the cover of the Brown book!

  3. Les in OR says:

    We just came home from seeing Murder on the Orient Express! What a cast! I recently read the book for the first time and now I’m eager to rent the earlier movie and compare the two casts. It’s almost too bad that I had read the book and knew the ending…

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