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Hi everyone. Thanks for stopping by. I’ve had a lovely, quiet week — except for the excitement of Halloween. I read two books that I enjoyed so much. They are both going to rank high among my year’s favorites.

Giant of the Senate by Al Franken was, for me, a five-star book. I’m a politics-junkie anyway, but this is way above politics. Al Franken is currently one of the senators from Minnesota, but probably best known among my generation for his work on Saturday Night Live. So, although I’ve been a fan, this is the first time I’ve read any of his books. (There are nine.)

There were many things I didn’t know about Al Franken, but was happy to learn. I did know he is an excellent writer and super smart, but I didn’t know he graduated from Harvard. I also didn’t realize the depth of his knowledge on law, government and culture. It has helped him in his career in the senate — at least enough to get him re-elected for a second term. The book ranges widely from his childhood to his early comedy work, his marriage, his first campaign and the narrow vote, and then the varied subjects he’s worked on during his senate years. Most important, I think, is that I realized Al Franken is a common-sense guy who cares about people.

I borrowed the audiobook from the library, which is probably the best way to read this book. The author reads the book himself and, since he is well known for his comedic timing, so his narration is excellent on this audio. I have strongly recommended this book to many already and will do the same hear. I laughed a great deal while reading the book while at the same time shaking my head at all I was learning. Everyone should take a look at this book.

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I also read Seeing Red by Sandra Brown. I started reading Ms Brown’s books back when she wrote simple romance novels. Then she moved into thrillers and mysteries and I followed along. This book is a combination mystery/romance. Just to be different, let me start with the things I didn’t like: In addition to lots of F-words, there were the goopey-sex scenes. Okay, maybe I’m a prude, but most of this was icky. My advice: skip those pages or fast-forward the audio. I also thought the story was too long. It could have been 100-pages shorter.

What I did like was the actual story. One of the main characters, Kiera, was a TV Journalist who came to Dallas for a live interview with the hero of a twenty-five-year-old bombing. When she and the hero are seriously attacked, the hero’s son, John, steps in. He’s a former ATF agent and, of course, tall and handsome and smart. He rescues Keira and they are on the run from unknown opponents who want them dead. John has a few friends and some creative ways to help them escape while still working to uncover the truth of what’s happening. Overall, I liked it in spite the icky sex scenes. It was a true mystery for me as I didn’t figure out the bad guys until the very end.

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Away From My Blog:

We had a great Halloween thanks to our four-year-old grandson. His enthusiasm for Halloween was infectious. He is on the right in the picture above. He decided a month ago that for his costume he would be an excavator. Yes, the “large machine for removing soil from the ground, especially on a building site.” He’s a big fan of the Mighty Machines films, so it was a natural choice. One of his grandmothers (not me) is super-creative when it comes to costumes, so she created the yellow machine you see him wearing above. The lights in the front actually were real, so he could visit the neighbors after dark and shout “Trick or Treat!” He was so excited with the bag of goodies he brought home. The excitement lasted all week! He will probably follow the opinions of all three of my children — they all claim Halloween as their favorite holiday, second only to Christmas. I hope you had a fun holiday too.

Until next week, Happy Reading!

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4 Responses to My Week In Review . . .

  1. Vicki says:

    What a great costume your grandson wanted! My grandson went as Groot, who I love!

    I don’t like sex scenes in books or anywhere else.

  2. I’ll have to get the Franken book for Carl for Christmas.

    Your grandson is adorable in his costume. (He looks big for four.) I’m glad he had so much fun!

  3. Glad to know you enjoyed Franken’s book. It’s on my audio wish list and I hope I can listen before too much longer. Love the Halloween photo!

  4. Ti says:

    Awesome costume idea and it turned out great too.

    Glad you had a mostly quiet week. Mine was not but I am okay. LOL.

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