My Week In Review

Hi everyone. Thanks for stopping by. This has been an extremely busy week, but I still managed to squeeze in one book. Louise Penny is one of the few authors I wait and wait for each year. I truly love her book series. This year’s book is Glass Houses.

Glass Houses still features Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, although now Gamache is Superintendent of all the Quebec Surete. He still lives in Three Pines with all my favorite residents. This year there are a couple of new-comers and, on one cold night in November, a very mysterious stranger stands outside the bistro just staring in at various residents. He’s dressed in a mask and a cape and says nothing. Who is he/she?  He makes everyone nervous. And then, he disappeared. Shortly after that a dead body was discovered in the church basement.

At the same time Gamache and his team are in a tremendous fight against unbearably evil adversaries in the criminal world. The story of the fight is intertwined with the murder trial connected to the body found in the church. The story went back and forth between the trial story, the happenings in Three Pines and this secret plan at the Surete. It’s the only part of the book that bothered me a bit. Not a big problem, but sometimes it was confusing to go back and forth. That is my only concern. Overall this is another wonderful mystery from one of the best authors in the genre. Her number of awards is huge, and well earned.

Away From the Blog: Our Trip To Southern California:

We had a terrific time driving down to the southern half of the state. We visited with family members and attended a beautiful wedding. I spent one day with my brother, who lives in North Hollywood, and another day with my sister, who lives in Anaheim. Then we spent Sunday at the Long Beach pier with the rest of the family, including all the nieces, nephews and the great nieces and nephews. They are all such good people. My mom and dad would be so proud.

On Saturday we attended the wedding of two special friends. The ceremony itself was especially meaningful as I expected it would be. The bride is a Presbyterian minister and her husband is also a very spiritual man, so as expected the affirmations and vows were beautifully written. The other part of this wedding I enjoyed was simply getting dressed up! We seldom do that anymore, but the invitation said “semi-formal” so we all stepped up and did our part. Aside from the bride and groom who were gorgeous, I thought the best dressed person at the wedding was my youngest grandchild seen here showing off his new bowtie. He’s holding it up so we are sure to see it! (So cute, but then I’m probably prejudiced.)

That’s it for me this week. Have a great week everybody. Happy Reading!

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3 Responses to My Week In Review

  1. I love going to weddings – they bring me hope and joy. Sounds like a good week to me.

  2. Vicki says:

    I love getting together with family! Your grandson is very handsome and his tie is very nice.

  3. Ti says:

    Weddings can be a really good time 😉

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