Book Beginning: News Of The World

I’m joining Rose City Reader as she encourages fellow bloggers to share the beginnings of a book we are reading.

I’m reading a historical fiction book about a man who drives among the small towns of northern Texas. He reads the news to people who do not have major newspapers and who appreciate being able to keep up with what’s going on. Here is the beginning of the book:

Captain Kidd laid out the Boston Morning Journal on the lectern and began to read from the article on the Fifteenth Amendment. He had been born in 1798 and the third war of his lifetime had ended five years ago and he hoped never to see another but now the news of the world aged him more than time itself.

What do you think? Would you keep reading?

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6 Responses to Book Beginning: News Of The World

  1. Bev Bouwer says:

    What an interesting premise for a book. I’d keep reading, definitely. Enjoy this one.

  2. Love the context of your choice – I also tend to agree with the nartator’s sentiment about the news!

  3. Sounds like a great way to get the news! Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog.

  4. I’m a bit confused. In the summary it says he drives around Texas, which suggests modern times, but Captain Kidd is reading? Obviously there’s more going on here than the first paragraph reveals. Hope you enjoy it.

  5. I started this book about two weeks ago and set it aside and ordered the audio version. I hate it when authors don’t use quotation marks for conversations. In the audio format I don’t notice it. Ha! I hope it arrives soon. Please visit my Friday Quotes Page.

  6. My mom really enjoyed this one. I hope to read it as well. I hope you are enjoying it, Margot!

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