Wondrous Words #403

WWWEvery week word-lovers post new words they’ve discovered while reading. It’s called Wondrous Words Wednesday and was created by Kathy at Bermuda Onion’s Weblog.

In Dave Leonhardt’s Opinion in the NY Times there was a word that caught my attention:

scrum:  “Meanwhile, for anyone trying to make sense of the Senate’s confusing health care scrum, Vox’s . . .

I’m sure I’ve seen this word before, but I can’t say I get the meaning in that sentence. I checked the dictionary and found a long explanation about rugby. I’m positive that’s not what the author meant. I checked further and found much better explanation:

Scrum is a disorderly crowd of people or things.

For example, There was quite a scrum of people at the bar.


That’s all for me this week. Don’t forget to visit Kathy for more Wondrous Words Wednesday.

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3 Responses to Wondrous Words #403

  1. You’ve got a good eye – I probably would have seen that as scum. I like scrum a lot, though, and think I can use it quite a bit!

  2. Vicki says:

    I saw that as scum and wondered how you didn’t know what the word meant. 🙂

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