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I’ve had an excellent week of reading. For me it was a good old-fashioned “sumer reading” week. For me, “summer reading” began back in grade school. I always loved reading, but I felt school got in the way of my opportunity to spend hours and hours at it. But, Summer Vacation!! was all about hours and days and weeks of free reading.

Back then our local library always ran some kind of summer reading contest that the competitive side of me loved. Those programs have continued at most libraries, at least for my children as well as my grandchildren. Well, guess what — our local library is offering a Summer Reading Challenge for Adults!

My husband, son and I signed up for it right away. (Our grandson joined the preschool version.) The challenge is in the form of Bingo. That’s my card above. Most of the squares involve books read, but there are also squares for things like this: Visit a museum or cultural site, Learn 5 words in another language, Read a poem or short story, Perform a random act of kindness, Visit a park, path or trail and so on. Doesn’t that sound like fun? We’re having fun doing it. Check with your local library and see if they are doing something similar.

As I said above, I had an excellent reading week. All three books were fun and they kept me turning the pages.

Midnight At the Bright Ideas Bookstore by Michael Sullivan is a brand new, debut novel that tells the story of Lydia, a woman who works at a bookstore, and Joey, a young man who hangs out at the book store a lot. Right at the beginning we learn that Joey has just committed suicide in the bookstore and leaves clues for Lydia to unravel. We also learn that, as a child, Lydia was a witness to a horrific triple murder. How all these events and the people involved are interwoven pulled me right in. Its an interesting mystery that is slowly revealed. There are lots of book references. I highly recommend it.

In This Grave Hour by Jacqueline Winspear is book 13 in the Maisie Dobbs series. It’s now 1939 and, for most people, its obvious that war is coming. Maisie and her team are asked to solve a mystery involving some Belgium refugees from the first World War. The mystery was good, but I really enjoyed reading about how various  people were reacting and preparing for the possibility of war. In particular, I enjoyed watching what was happening with some of the children. This is an especially good series. I’m glad I’m following along.

The Lullaby Sky by Carolyn Brown begins in divorce court. The main character, Hannah, is about to be divorced. Hannah’s lawyer assures her that everything will be okay, but she’s scared her abusive, controlling husband is going to do something mean. All Hannah wants is full custody of their daughter and the clear title to her grandmother’s house and land. Although her lawyer and the judge urge her to ask for more from her very wealthy husband, she just wants out. Once she is free she wants to devote her time and resources towards helping other abused women. The best thing about this novel was the wonderful cast of characters — Hannah’s family and friends. I loved them all.

Thanks everyone for visiting me. Have a great week ahead.

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2 Responses to My Week In Review

  1. My son always loved participating in the summer reading program at the library – his elementary school usually did something too. It looks like you’re rocking the Bingo game!

    I need to try another Winspear book – I tried listening to one and didn’t love the narrator.

  2. Vicki says:

    My kids always did the Summer Reading Challenge @ their school named Book It, and at the end they each got a free Personal Pan pizza from Pizza Hut.

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