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Thanks everyone for stopping by to check on me. I’ve had a busy week and so I only read one book. It was a long one (20 hours on audio), but well worth the time. The Secret Place by Tana French is the fifth book in the Dublin Murder Squad series. Ever since I discovered this series I’ve been reading one big book every few months.

The “secret place” refers to an anonymous bulletin-board at a private girls school in Ireland. There’s a matching school right next door for boys. As the story opens one of the schoolgirls brings one of the anonymous messages from the bulletin-board to a police detective. The note says “I know who killed him.”

The note refers to the unsolved murder of Chris, a teenage boy killed at the school last year. One of the detectives, Antoinette Conway, worked the case last year. The second detective, Stephan Moran, is known to the girl who brought in the note. Both detectives spend all day trying to narrow it down to who could have been near the “secret place” and possibly have posted that note. As they obsess about all the details connected with posting the anonymous note they learn new information about the murder.

The story is narrated via two distinct “voices” – one is that of Stephen Moran, one of the two detectives investigating the murder on that one particular day. The other voice is that of the girls connected somehow to the murder. The story is told beginning with the events of last year, leading up to the murder and then picks up to the present.

Each “voice” is loaded with dialogue and lots of detail. I was drawn in as each character was so well developed while at the same time advancing the plot. This book, as in all Tana French’s books, should absolutely be read via audio. There’s no way I could have matched the Irish accents and in particular the snarky and bitchy voices of the teenage girls.

I highly recommend you listen to/read this book.

In the other part of my non-reading life:

I don’t watch many broadcast network TV shows anymore, but I am a fan of the TV show Madam Secretary and my husband and I both enjoy Blue Bloods. The seasons usually end in May with some kind of season finale show. Nothing special happened this year, as far as I can tell, for either of these shows. They just stopped for the season – I guess.

The last couple of episodes of Madam Secretary raised several new modes of interest for several characters such as the Secretary’s Assistant’s separation from his wife, the Communications Head’s pregnancy, and then the eldest daughter is going to stay home with the family rather than go to Harvard Law. I really like this show, so I’ll probably watch some of the re-runs until the next season comes back.

We’ve been watching Blue Bloods every Friday night since it began. We like all the family members and the part that person plays in the family business of “law enforcement.” The youngest kids aren’t an active part of the “business,” but they still fit into the plot each week. One part of the show we enjoy every episode is when they all come together for their weekly family dinner. The conversation usually involves some moral issue that fits the plot of that week’s story.


Jay and I are climbing into the truck on Sunday and heading north to Portland. Our oldest grandchild, Q, is graduating from high school. There’s nothing like a family celebration. So – I’ll be gone from the blog the next couple of weeks. In the meantime – keep reading.

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  1. Ti says:

    I read the first French book that came out and really loved it but never picked up another book. I have no idea why. This one sounds really good.

  2. Congratulations to Q! What an exciting time for her.

    I’ve heard a lot of things about French’s work and think I’d like it too.

  3. I’m a huge Tana French fan so good to hear you enjoyed this one too – one of my favourites of all of her wonderful books.
    Enjoy your celebrations and break!

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