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Way back in the 1960’s I started reading the detective novels of P.D. James. I read everything she wrote, but I really loved her long-lasting “star” Adam Dalgliesh. I just kept on reading them until, finally in the late 1990s I got tired of them.

Recently, however. I read a small book of nonfiction that sparked renewed interest in the author. Its called Talking About Detective Fiction. It’s a little bit of detective-novel history going back to the early 1880s, but mostly about her process of writing mysteries. I also enjoyed reading her opinion of the other great detective writers. This is an interesting resource for those of us who love good crime and mystery novels.

After reading Talking About Detective Fiction I now have a nice list of books I want to read mentioned by thew author. But, I also decided to go back and read a couple of P.D. James’ earlier books again. I started with the very first one in the Adam Dalgliesh series, Cover Her Face, first published in 1962. Its been so long that I actually had forgotten most of it, and especially the who-done-it.

This is the tale of the death of a housemaid at a big house in the British countryside. There is the classic locked door and about six to seven suspects. We learn the back-story of nearly everyone, which I like, and a good explanation of the house as well as the area around the house. When Chief Inspector Dalgliesh shows up the story steps up to the level of smart detecting. Dalgliesh is very smart, deliberate, a serious student of human behavior as well as social behavior. I do remember that Dalgliesh is a poet but I didn’t see any of that in this novel. I guess I’ll have to keep re-reading P.D. James.

That was a nice treat for me and perhaps I need to go back and re-read more often. Speaking of re-reading, I also re-read a book for one of my book clubs: Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. I read and reviewed this book back in 2014. I really loved this book then and still did on this re-read. I was surprised that most of the book club members enjoyed it too. We are a group of people over 65 and the book is a gritty look at the lives of two teenagers back in the 1980s. There is a liberal use of swear words, which I know some don’t like. Surprise! They loved ir anyway. If you haven’t yet read this popular young adult novel, check it out today.

In the non-reading portion of my life:

My husband and I are doing a little extra childcare with our grandson, Tz, while his nanny is gone for a few months. He goes to preschool in the morning and we pick him up and spend the afternoon together. Before we started this “project” we outlined a large variety of things we could do with this lively and curious four-year-old.

Today I want to show you what he and his Papa made. This is a handyman family so Tz is already familiar with most tools and home equipment. Using a Montessori handbook, they made this kid-sized workbench using – mostly – leftover materials and supplies.

Then Papa covered him with an old t-shirt and let him paint the bench in his favorite color. There was paint on the shoes and in he hair, but fortunately it was washable paint. Everyone had fun. Tz is trying to show you two thumbs up in the picture above so you know he’s happy with his project.

Well, we are all looking forward to this nice long holiday weekend. I hope you are too and that it’s nothing but sunny skies wherever you are. Happy Memorial Day.

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3 Responses to My Week . . .

  1. Kay says:

    Love the painting and building project, Margot! Bet you guys are having a lot of fun with Tz. Hope your family has a nice weekend!

  2. Vicki says:

    What a great thing to make! It looks good and Tz is so cute!

    I hope you have a great Memorial Day Margot!

  3. I read a lot of P. D. James back in the day as well so I’m really interested in Talking About Detective Fiction. TZ is adorable and his project looks like a lot of fun!

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