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Hi everyone. Thanks for stopping by to check on my week. I’ve had a fun and busy reading week. First, I posted earlier this week my thoughts on American Gods by Neil Gaiman. That was an amazing book and now a TV series! There is nothing like a Neil Gaiman novel.

I also read Silence of the Jams by Gayle Leeson. This was a lovely surprise – a win from Candace at Beth Fish Reads. Believe me, I needed to read a light-hearted cozy mystery after the intensity of American Gods. Silence of the Jams (don’t you love the title?) features cafe owner and super-cook, Amy Flowers. Her Down South Cafe has only been open several months, so Amy is still trying to build its customer base.

The last thing she needs is a customer dropping dead while eating a meal at her cafe. Amy has a natural affinity for chatting up and gossiping with certain residents of the small town. Its the perfect way to narrow down the suspects. Having a boyfriend who works for the sheriff’s department also helps. There was a lot of talk about food, primarily menus for breakfast and lunch. Unfortunately, nothing I was excited about. However, I did enjoyed this fun cozy mystery. I must be losing my touch – I didn’t predict the final culprit.

I also read All By Myself, Alone a Mary Higgins Clark novel this week. A friend told me the plot which sounded good, so I picked it up when I saw it at the library. I was about half-way through it when it seemed like this might be a book from a series. Sure enough – it’s number 11 in the Alvirah and Willy series. Here’s what its about:

A very sleek and luxurious ocean liner is on its maiden voyage. On board are some very wealthy people and those who work for them plus a few others. There is a Lady Emily, a very wealthy woman who has brought along quite a number of her jewels including a necklace believed to have been the last thing Cleopatra wore. Several people on board covet the necklace, but will they commit murder to get it?

Celia is another passenger who befriends Lady Emily. She’s a gemologist who was hired by the cruise ship to give lectures as part of the entertainment. Also on board is a couple who won the lottery several years ago. The wife, Alvirah, is quite the detective so, when Lady Emily is murdered, she and her husband Willy jump in and do what amateur detectives do well – poke their noses into all sorts of places and gather enough tidbits until they solve the crime. It was a fun change of pace to read this very good mystery.


What I Watched:

My husband and I saw a very inspirational documentary called Tomorrow at our local theater.

“Tomorrow is an optimistic documentary about saving the planet. Actress Melanie Laurent, who directed the movie, traveled the globe in search of innovative ways people have devised to counter climate change, economic inequality, and other critical issues.” (from Variety)

We saw communities of people all over the world working in innovative ways to solve energy problems, grow food all over a busy city, change a school system in Finland, a town in England that prints its own money, changing city streets in Copenhagen to promote more bike riding, city-wide composting in San Francisco, and so on.

We came out of the theater believing that people all over the world are working to solve some of the greatest challenges facing all of us. I hope you all have a chance to see this hopeful and inspirational film.

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4 Responses to My Week . . .

  1. I used to read a lot of Mary Higgins Clark’s books but haven’t picked one up in a while. Half the fun of a cozy mystery is the title!

    Tomorrow sounds fabulous! I need to see if it’s showing around here.

  2. Vicki says:

    I read Clark’s books years ago. Don’t know why I stopped.

    That documentary sounds really good. I’ll check to see if I can find it anywhere.

  3. Ti says:

    That movie sounds interesting. Long ago in college I read a book called Ecotopia and it was about the perfect environment. Food, clothing sources, etc. I still have that book.

  4. I enjoy the Alvirah and Willy books when I happen upon one. Certainly optimism and inventiveness are needed in our world, especially in this political climate.

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