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Hi everyone. Thanks for stopping by to check on me. I’ve had a good week all around. I’m back to full use of my computer, thanks to my son, the tech-wizard. I’m also back to full use of all my audiobooks – both cds from the library and downloadable audios from Audible. Thanks to Ti I found a used Classic iPod for a fraction of the cost. I don’t know why I didn’t think to look for a used iPod. Audiobooks have become very important to me in the last few years since my eye-sight is no longer 20/20.

I’ve become a loyal Audible customer and I especially love all their Daily Deals and other special offers. A couple months ago they ran a special offer on books that are #1 in a series. It was a great chance to try new authors and/or series I haven’t read before. I indulged in quite a few of them. You’ll be hearing about them over the upcoming months, but this week I read two of the best:

Pietr the Latvian by Georges Simenon just blew me away. This is the first novel of approximately 75 books featuring Inspector Maigret. It was first written in 1930 in French, but now its been translated and published by Penguin.

The story begins when Inspector Maigret receives a description of a wanted criminal, Peter the Latvian, and warning of his imminent arrival in town. When the Inspector spots a man matching the description, he is on it. But then a man also matching the description is found dead on the arriving train. Immediately there are lots of questions for the Inspector to chase. He is a good old-fashioned intrepid detective. Also, the incredibly descriptive writing had me right there with the Inspector seeing the people, the rooms, the streets. I loved it! I’m looking forward to more.


The other book I read this week was book #1 in Rhys Bowen’s Her Royal Spyness series. This book is also set in the 1930s, this time in the U.K. The main character is Georgie, a young woman a few years past her “season” with still no prospects for marriage. Since she’s thirty-fourth in line to the throne, the Queen feels compelled to help find a suitable mate for Georgie. Unfortunately, the Queen’s picks are not what Georgie wants.

The Queen also asks Georgie to do a special favor for her. She wants Georgie to “spy” on the King’s brother who’s been causing a lot of gossip. He’s been seen cozying up to a twice-married American woman. Georgie’s assignment is to find out what’s really going on and what kind of person is the American woman and what are her intentions.

On top of all that, Georgie has a couple of problems. For one thing she has very little money. And then there’s the problem of a dead man in the bathtub. There’s a lot more but I’ll save that for you to enjoy as you read the book. It was actually great fun and I’m looking forward to the next book in the series.


In the other part of my life: I want to share some pictures from last week. As I told you then, we joined our son, his family and many of their friends as we celebrated our grandson’t fourth birthday.

We camped at Salt Point which is a California State Park a little over an hour away. It’s a lovely campground close enough to walk to the ocean. The section in th4e picture above is overlooks a big area of boulders that is a favorite with seals.

Our little guy wanted to make his own birthday cake and well, why not? He and I have discovered rainbow cake videos on You-Tube and that’s what he wanted. Here’s how he did it – with a little help from his Nana: Once the cake batter was mixed we divided it into six small bowls. Then he used food-coloring to make the batter in each bowl with a different color. In the bottom of a greased cake pan we put each color in blobs sitting next to each other. Once we had all the batter in the pan we carefully drew a knife down the length of the pan – about four times – and then did the same thing in the opposite direction. It just barerly mixes up the colors. The baked cake is what you see above.

We did all of that at home. At the campground we frosted the cakes and then let all the kids shake rainbow colored sprinkles over the top. Its not bakery-style, but it made the birthday boy happy. It was fascinating, even for the adults to see how the colors turned out when the cake was cut. In addition, the cake was actually very tasty.

In the meantime, have a great weekend.

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3 Responses to My Week . . .

  1. I got an Audible subscription for Christmas in 2015 and have been hooked ever since.

    The cake sounds divine and I love that the birthday boy helped make it!

  2. I’m a loyal audible fan, too, and picked up Her Royal Spyness when they ran that first in a series special. Such a fun book! I know I’ll be listening to more.

  3. Vicki says:

    Happy Belated Birthday to your grandson, he is a cutie! Love the photo of the ocean. That cake is neat, and I love that your grandson wanted to make his own cake. Have a great week!

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