What Am I Reading? Mercy Falls

I’m currently reading Mercy Falls by William Kent Krueger. This is the fifth book in the Cork O’Connor series. I’m really enjoying working my way through this series. Here’s the first paragraph:

The Morning-Beverage Measure

After picking up a set of pistol suppressors from a nine-fingered armorer n Las Vegas Evan Smoak headed for hoe in his Ford pickup doing his best no to let the knife wound distract him.
The slice on his forearm had occurred during an altercation at a truci sop. He usually didn’t lie to get involved with anything or anyone outside his missions, but there had been a fifteen-year-old girl in dire need of help. So here he was, trying not to bleed onto the console until he could get home and deal with it properly. For now he’d tied off the cut with on of his socks, using his teeth to cinch the knot.


What do you think?

Would you keep reading?


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8 Responses to What Am I Reading? Mercy Falls

  1. It sounds as though you are really enjoying this series and this book certainly opens with enough detail to make me want to know more!

  2. Emma says:

    I think I would, a recommendation of having read the other books suggests this is worth a read.

  3. I really need to read this author but will probably start with Ordinary Grace. Glad you are enjoying the series!

  4. I like that he wanted to help the girl….which means that he is not so immersed in his mission that he doesn’t notice the world around him.

    Thanks for sharing…and for visiting my blog.

  5. Beth F says:

    I love his books!!!!

  6. Diane says:

    What the heck is a “truce sop”? I do like this author so I would read on.

  7. Nise' says:

    I like this intro and want to read more.

  8. I would definitely keep reading! This sounds intense!

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