What Am I Reading? The Bookshop On the Corner

I’m featuring The Bookshop On the Corner. I saw the book cover on a table at the library and knew I wanted to check it out. The book starts off with “A Message To Readers” and I felt an immediate connection with the author, Jenny Colgan. She writes about all those great places one can enjoy reading: in bed or a hammock, on the bus, while taking a walk and so on. It’s definitely a book for book-lovers.

Here’s the first paragraph:


Chapter One

The problem with good things that happen is that very often they disguise themselves as awful things. It would be lovely, wouldn’t it, whenever you’re going through something difficult, if someone could just tap you on the shoulder and say, “Don’t worry, it’s completely worth it. It seems absolutely horrible right now, but I promise it will all come good in the end,” and you could say, “Thank you Fairy Godmother.” You might also say, “Will I also lose that seven pounds?” And they will say,”But of course, my child.”


What do you think?

Would you keep reading?


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7 Responses to What Am I Reading? The Bookshop On the Corner

  1. What a brilliant opener and I would like one of those fairy godmothers! And after all who can resist a book about books?

  2. This was such an amazing book! I borrowed the ebook from my library and then ended up buying theUK-released paperback (The Little Shop of Happy-Ever-After). It’s definitely one I’ll happily revisit!

  3. Fabulous opening lines…and while I have already been eyeing this book, now I am more intrigued. I love the narrative voice.

    Thanks for sharing, and here’s mine: “SLIGHTLY SOUTH OF SIMPLE”

  4. Intriguing for bookaholics like us!

  5. Diane says:

    Love that intro, yes, I’d read more.

  6. Nise' says:

    Love the intro and I want to go out and get this book.

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