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Hi everyone. Thanks for joining me. I’ve had a super-busy reading week. I read three books plus half of another book. They are all by the same authors, Catheerine Coulter and J.T. Ellison. I got myself into this whole reading mania by not paying close attention when choosing a book on NetGalley. I saw The Devil’s Triangle by Catherine Coulter and the discussion about it being a part of the “Brit in the FBI” series. I saw this as the beginning of a series. Imagine my surprise when I learned this was the fourth book! Since I’d already agreed to read The Devil’s Triangle I started in on it. Right away I really liked it so I decided I’d pause and go back and read the first three books. I’m really glad I did. Let me tell you about them.

The “Brit” in the FBI is Nicholas Drummond, a Scotland Yard Detective Chief Inspector. He’s quite the dashing dude, often compared to James Bond. He is paired with Michaela (Mike) Caine. Mike is not a wimp. She’s the female version of James Bond. Nicholas and Mike are good partners and there’s a hint of a spark between them. They are the main characters in each novel, but there are a couple of other FBI agents from Ms. Coulter’s previous FBI books that show up occasionally. Here’s a summary of each of the first three novels:

The Final Cut introduces Nicholas and Michaela. They meet each other in New York and work together when the major diamond in the Queen’s crown is stolen. It’s on loan to a New York museum. Its an intricately planned theft. In addition there’s an ancient story and a subplot involving the history of the diamond and features all the thieves. Very interesting. The two FBI agents find themselves up against a very crafty thief, the Fox. At the end Nicholas is asked to join the FBI.

The Lost Key  reads like a complicated spy novel with plenty of action. It all starts with the killing of a simple ancient-book seller. It turns out that was just a cover. The man was part of a secret international cartel of highly placed men. Their goal has been to find a sunken U-boat that is hiding gold bullion and a secret scientific formula that could lead to someone’s world domination. There’s also a super-evil guy who has no qualms about taking advantage of all of this.

The End Game is just plain scary because it involves the bombing of U.S. power grids and oil refineries. One group is responsible, but the FBI is having a hard time zeroing in on them. Fortunately Nicholas is a world-class hacker whose skills are well known among other key hackers. That and good detective work will hopefully help the FBI stop them before a rumored big job is launchrd and the Vice President is assassinated.


In addition to all that reading, I watched the fifth season of Vera staring Brenda Blethyn. I borrowed the Dvd’s from my local library. Someone at the library must be a big Ann Cleeves fan because the library has purchased quite a few copies of Ann Cleeves books (the two main series) and Dvd’s for the two TV shows based on Ann Cleeves books.

The stories for Vera are always terrific – complicated and creative, but there are two things I really love: the North Umberland scenary and the amazing Brenda Blethyn. She has such a unique way of getting suspects to open up to her. It’s hard to believe she is the same actree who played Mrs. Bennet in my favorite movie version of Pride and Prejudice (the 2005 version with Kiera Knightly). There are two more seasons of Vera, according to IMDb, but I’ll have to wait for those. The library doesn’t have them. Does anyone know if they’re been shown on PBS yet?

That’s what my week was liker. What have you been reading and/or watching? Anything you canrecommend?

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4 Responses to A Look At My Week

  1. The Brit in the FBI series sounds fantastic! For some reason, I thought Coulter wrote romance – thanks for setting me straight.

  2. Ti says:

    I am still reading The Lonely Hearts Hotel but in the final pages now. It’s quite book but also sad and parts of it are a little uncomfortable to read. I am waiting to make a final decision on it. Depends how it ends.

    I have Bridget Jones’s Baby to watch tonight. I think it will be funny!

  3. Cerrin says:

    I love Catherine Coulter books. They always trap me in. Pull me in and keep me. I love series because I can get to know the characters and become so involved.

  4. Beth F says:

    Oh this is a new to me series too. I will need to see if my library has copies. And a new TV show to look for too!

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