Book Review: A Cherry Cola Christmas

cherry-cola-christmas(Cherry Cola Book Club #4)

by Ashton Lee

It’s that time of year . . . to pick up a Christmas themed book. And here’s my choice for this year: The Cherry Cola Christmas. It’s book 4 of a series new to me as well as a new-to-me author, Ashton Lee. It wasn’t hard to catch up on what’s going on with the Cherry Cola Book Club as the novel is okay as a stand-alone.

Maura Beth is the librarian in the small town of Cherico, Mississippi. She helped form the Cherry Cola Book Club which has a nice diverse group of community members. The group loves to get together with a potluck dinner (they have some fabulous cooks) and then a lively discussion of their chosen book. (They were discussing A Member of the Wedding at the first meeting in the book.) It appears that the book club also loves to casually include projects or issues that are plaguing Cherico.

This year as Christmas is approaching, it seems that many people in Cherico are unhappy about the fact that several small businesses are leaving town. The town is dwindling in size, mostly due to a lack of business growth. They had been hoping to attract a manufacture of a popular boot, but now that seems to be going to another town. In hopes of raising citizen’s spirits, the Cherry Cola Book Club decides to expand their December meeting. They welcome anyone who wishes to come and share an inspirational or uplifting story.

There are plenty of other things going on in town besides the events at the library. There is some drama with a local councilman who acts like he’s the mayor and wants to boss Maura Beth around. There is also some drama from tips stolen off the tables at the local diner. The most exciting drama is the possibility of a visit from a Nashville super-star. He’s not coming to do a concert. He just wants to eat some of the amazing pastries he’s heard about at the diner. He is only passing through town, but some people are pretty buzzed.

This little town of Cherico was very welcoming to a new comer like me. I felt right at home within the first chapter. Maybe it’s that common love of books, but I enjoyed meeting everyone and to see some changes in a couple of them. The inspirational stories told at the book club meeting were really quite good. By the end I was definitely feeling the Christmas Spirit. Watch carefully as you read — there is a Christmas miracle undder way.

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  1. I love sweet books like that this time of year!

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