Book Review: IQ by Joe Ide

iqI’m sure I’m not the target audience or age group for this novel, but I loved it anyway. I’m rating it a B+. Many people like me may be turned off by the “street” talk and activities and the excessive use of the f-word and the n-word. I wasn’t as it fit in with the story.

The main reason I liked this novel is that I loved the main character, Isaiah Quintabe – IQ for short. He’s a older teen living in one of the worst areas of Los Angeles. A majority of the crime there goes unsolved. IQ was raised by an older brother who taught him to do the right thing. His brother is now dead, but his voice keeps echoing (actually screaming) in IQ’s head. IQ has a couple of other good things going for him: he is extremely smart and observant of all the details. He’s reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes.

IQ uses his skills to help others. People pay him as best they can although not always with cash or credit. His reputation for solving problems is growing. IQ has the potential to make big money if he can figure out who’s trying to kill a big-name rap star. And, as they say, it’s complicated.

Honestly, this was great fun to read. IQ and his sometimes sidekick, Dodson, find themselves in all sorts of crazy situations. The novel is fast-paced and well-written, with fairly good character development. I’m recommending it to all my friends, even ones from the geriatric crowd. I tell them it’s a take on Sherlock Holmes. You’ll definitely see the connection. I haven’t heard if this is the beginning of a series. I do hope so as I’d love to spend more time with young Isaiah.

By the way: I listened to this book on audio and learned the author’s last name is pronouncd  e – day.

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2 Responses to Book Review: IQ by Joe Ide

  1. IQ sounds like a wonderful character.

  2. Joe Ide says:

    Thank you, Margot, for taking the time to read my book. Kind words from dedicated readers who have no other agenda other than to enjoy the experience are especially meaningful to me.

    My best,

    Joe Ide

    (PS. The second IQ book is in editing now)

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