Three Books In a New-To-Me Series

Our local library had an appealing display of the books of Lisa Scottoline. I grabbed a copy of Accused, the first book in a series. I really enjoyed it and immediately went back and got books number two and three. (There’s a big request-list for book number four so I’ll have to wait a while.)

There are a number of reasons I like these books. First of all, I like books set around the law. The series, Rosato and DiNunzio, is in an all-female law firm in Philadelphia. Each of the three books I read has revolved around a problem brought to the firm or one of the lawyers. There’s some mystery involved and usually the hint of danger. But, there is also a bit of humor and, so far, a little romance. The novels are also well-written and well plotted.

I’ve learned a little bit about the author: Lisa Scottoline now has 28 books to her name. She tries to write two books a year, one a stand-alone and the other a series book. She and her daughter (Francesca Serritella) write a column for the Philadelphia Inquirer. The columns have been gathered together into nonfiction collections. Lisa has won numerous awards for her books, including the very prestigous Edgar Award. I’m glad to have “discovered” an author whose books I like reading.

Below is a brief summary of the three I’ve already read:


Mary DiNunzio has just made partner with Rosato & Associates. Mary has also just become engaged. And if that’s not enough, she’s been hired by a 13-year old girl to find out who really killer her sister several years ago. The girl’s family is not happy about this and is willing to fight her all the way. The girl is extremely smart and actually has money of her own. Mary pulls out all the stops to help, including the use of members of her extended Italian family.


Judy Carrier is Mary DiNunzio’s best friend. She’s very happy that her best friend is getting married and has been named a partner, but it makes her feel uneasy about her own life. Where is it going? When she learns of the cancer diagnosis in her beloved Aunt Barb, Judy rushes to her. But, Aunt Barb has lost a dear friend and doesn’t believe it was from natural causes. Judy investigates which in turn leads to all sorts of complicated and dangerous situation. And then, there’s a shocking personal twist for Judy at the end.


Bennie Rosato (the founding member of the law firm) is the star of this story – my favorite, so far. A young man Bennie tried to help back when he was in middle school calls. He has now been accused of murder. Of course, Bennie helps, but it takes her back to a time – and a man – she has tried to forget. The case takes a look at what can happen when the juvenile justice system doesn’t work like it’s supposed to. It’s very emotional and enjoyable.

My plan is to keep reading the books in this series. Did you notice that her first four books all start with A, B, C, and D. I couldn’t find anything predicting or promising a trip all the way through the alphabet as Sue Grafton is doing with her series. I’m also going to sample some of her other books as well. Stay tuned.

R.I.P. Challenge: +3 = 7/8

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  1. I haven’t read that series but have heard a lot about it.

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