An Excellent Audiobook: Faithful Place by Tana French

Faithful PlaceFaithful Place represents an area in the inner city of Dublin, Ireland. It’s a street of old houses made into apartments and primarily lived in by the poor, or people on the “dole.” Frank Mackey grew up crammed together with his parents and four siblings in one of those apartments. His parents and younger siblings still live there.

Those growing up years were so distasteful to Frank that when he was 19, he and his girlfriend Rosie made plans to run away together. Frank waited late into the night for Rosie, but she didn’t show up. Figuring he’d been stood up, Frank took off and never looked back.

Frank worked hard to support himself. He eventually became an undercover detective with the Dublin police. Frank would not go home again until the day, fifteen years later, when he learned that Rosie’s suitcase was discovered in a vacant house in Faithful Place. It had been jammed up into an old chimney. So where was Rosie?

The discovery of the suitcase is just the beginning of the story. It is shortly followed by the dead body of Rosie. She didn’t stand him up after all. But, what happened to her? The homicide cops don’t want Frank interfering in their case, but Frank can’t help getting involved. After all, he knows all the suspects intimately and he has the most to lose.

This was an extremely enjoyable story. The best part was getting to know the characters. Frank was my favorite. He was so flawed, yet I couldn’t help rooting for him. He had a short temper, was somewhat devious, but at the same time a great dad to his nine-year-old daughter. Since the story was written in first person with Frank as narrator, it was, of course, easy to see everything from Frank’s point of view.

The second thing I loved about this story was the rich Irish language throughout. Tim Gerard Reynolds, the Audio Reader and the voice of Frank Mackey, spoke in a contemporary Irish lingo and seemed to be a man around 30 who has seen his fair share of horrid things, but still maintains a crisp sense of humor. I thought Reynolds’ voice was a good match for this story.

Faithful Place was a top-knotch read. The story was a well-plotted mysytery with the addition of superb characters. Hearing Frank tell his story through the voice of Tim Reynolds truly made this book a wonderful experience for me. I’m calling Faithful Place The Best Audiobook of the Month.

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  1. I’ve heard a lot of great things about French and her books and it sounds like it’s for a good reason.

  2. Kay says:

    I think I said a few days ago that I love Tana French’s writing and that Faithful Place is probably my favorite of her books. I haven’t listened to them on audio and I should do that. I love to revisit books that way. Frank appears in the previous book and in the latest book. French has some of her characters show up again in other books, but usually a more minor character becomes the focus of the next book. They are loosely connected. Frank became a favorite of mine as well.

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