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Scandalous BehaviorI discovered Scandalous Behavior at the library. I brought it home, started reading and immediately became fascinated by the main character in an odd way. His name is Stone Barrington. He’s extremely rich – rich enough that, after having been shown an estate for sale in England, he whipped out his checkbook and bought it.

One of the perks of the estate is that it has its own private air strip. How nice. Barrington can now fly his private jet in and out of his own estate without bothering with things like baggage claim or customs. (The customs people come to him.) So, he’s a pilot who owns his own jet. In addition he owns several homes and apartments and various companies.

Barrington is the head of his own law firm in New York. Back in his earlier life, from what I can tell, he graduated from law school, but became a cop rather than take the bar exam. I’ve also learned he’s been an investigator and has done some international intelligence work. He also has friends in high places such as in British Intelligence and the FBI.

Barrington is what they used to call a “ladies man.” He seems to have a variety of women in his bed – not all at once. Although I don’t like his attitude and behavior toward women, he reminds me of James Bond. – the Sean Connery version of James Bond. I don’t admire his behavior, but its fun seeing what the man will do next.

How did this guy go from cop to jet-flying millionaire?

New York DeadSince Scandalous Behavior was book number 36 in the series, I decided to go back to the beginning. New York Dead is book one. Right from the beginning I met Barrington, the police detective, who witnessed the “fall” of a woman from a 12-story building. Did she fall or jump or was she pushed or thrown? Barrington is on the case. There are a couple of twists to the story: the woman disappeared somehow after being put into the ambulance. Also, the woman was a well-known anchor on a local news show.

It’s interesting to follow Barrington’s style as he maneuvers through town trying to gather facts. He’s not as flashy as James Bond, but is working on becoming very suave. We also meet his partner Dino who will turn out to be a life-long friend. He was part of the story in book number 36.

I honestly can’t tell you why I liked these two books and Stone Barrington. I just did. Am I going to read the other 34? Probably not all of them. I think I’ll skip through the list and sample a few here and there until my curiosity about this character is satisfied. The library has them all, the librarian tells me. “They’re very popular with men.”

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  1. I’ve never tried this series but it sounds like something I’d like too.

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