Book Review: Crossing by Michael Connelly

The CrossingYou would think that after 28 books Michael Connelly would have maybe one that might be off a bit. Afraid not. He just gets better and better. I think he really enjoys this whole creative writing process. In The Crossing, the author’s most recent novel, he does something he’s never done before: he brought together his two main characters so they could work together on a case.

Matthew M cConaugheyThe two men are half-brothers, although they didn’t know about each other until a few years ago. Mickey Haller is a defense attorney and Harry Bosch is a retired police homicide detective. Because they have always worked on opposite sides of the law their paths never cross — until now. Mickey has a client accused of a brutal murder. He actually begs for Harry’s help. He wouldn’t do it if he weren’t so desperate.


Titus WelliverHarry is opposed to helping on so many levels. It’s nothing personal with his brother. He’s spent three decades putting scumbags like Mickey’s client away, plus he’s morally opposed to helping the defense side. If his former colleagues were to find out, life would be hell. Harry agrees to check out some of the basic facts to see if the client is telling the truth.

Harry checked out the facts with the help of an old colleague who agrees to keep quiet. Even though Harry tried to keep his involvement secret, word gets out. Harry’s former colleagues are vicious in their hatred and harassment of Harry. Frankly, I was surprised. I guess I’m naive, but what ever happened to an open and honest justice system?

Crossing over to the other side, or the dark side, cost Harry a lot. Good friends he respected now consider him an enemy. Will it be okay for Harry in the end? How does Mickey’s client fare in the end? Searching for answers kept my ears glued to this audio book straight through to the end. I hope the author puts these two guys together again soon.  Don’t miss this one.

Audiobook narrated by Titus Welliver. Published by Hachette Group (9 hours, 24 minutes)

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4 Responses to Book Review: Crossing by Michael Connelly

  1. I love Michael Connelly’s books and need to read more of them.

  2. Terra says:

    We read all the Bosch books, and also the tv series. Both are excellent and nice to have Haller and Bosch team up.

  3. What a coincidence! My husband just finished this book this week (one of my Christmas gifts to him). He loved it – said it was one of Connelly’s best – and as you point out, that’s saying something!

    I LOVE that Titus Welliver narrates the audiobook!! We are huge fans of the Bosch TV show on Amazon.

    Now, I need to read this one! Thanks for the review –


    Book By Book

  4. I’ve read one Bosch and one Haller novel and need to read more!

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