Book Review: What You See by Hank Phillippi Ryan

What You SeePlacing myself in the world of Jane and Jake makes me smile. I don’t smile about the fact that what consumes them for all the hours I’m with them is the death of someone. No, I smile because these are enjoyable people to be with. They are both intelligent from a general perspective. They are also intelligent in the ways of their respective careers – and they have an in-born intuition about people. It’s good.

The death in What You See is a tough one to investigate. There is a stabbing victim with no id and another guy severely beaten with no id. All of this occurred right in front of Boston’s City Hall with lots of tourists and others snapping pictures on their cell phones. Surely someone got a picture of the killer.

Detective Jake Brogan is sent to investigate and Jane Ryland, journalist-between-jobs, is sent to interview witnesses and take videos. She’s sent by the news director for Channel 2 as part of a job interview. Jake and Jane know their relationship causes a conflict of interest when they find themselves working on the same case. It’s something they are struggling to resolve.

Jane’s life is complicated even further when the daughter of Jane’s sister’s finance comes up missing. It is assumed she was abducted by her stepfather. Jane’s sister begs for Jane’s help. With a cop for a boyfriend, maybe Jane can get special help. It’s a crazy couple of days. Jake actually works constantly on all of these ases with no sleep for close to 30 hours!

This story, which I listened to, is very fast-paced. It’s told from the point of view of about five different people. There’s a lot of internal dialogue, which I like, as well as external dialogue. It’s amazing how the action is played out via that dialogue. It’s a solid mystery that kept me guessing to the very end. Well, actually, I did figure out the missing child thing – just not the murderer.

It’s a pleasure to read Hank Phillippi Ryan’s novels. (This is now my eighth one.)  She’s a very smart writer. After all, she didn’t win all her awards for nothing! You can’t go wrong grabbing a book in the series. They do stand alone, but why would you want to? Start at the beginning. (See the series list below.)

Note to Hank Phillippi Ryan: Please don’t dawdle getting the next book out. That little teaser on the very last page of this book was a doozy. It has me wondering: What’s next?

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  1. Great review – you’ve made me want to pick this up soon!

  2. Beth F says:

    I haven’t read or listened to any of these, but perhaps I should put them on my list.

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