Book Review and Tour: A Lesson In Secrets

Lesson In SecretsAuthor: Jaqueline Winspear

Publisher: Harper Collina 2011

Maisie Dobbs is a woman who lives in England. In this story it’s 1932. She’s quite admirable. She was a poor housemaid when, at age 13, she was found reading in the mansion’s big library. Rather than get sacked Maisie was given an incredible education that was changed her life. She’s now a psychologist and a private investigator with her own successful business.

Maisie is asked by the secret service to take an assignment at a college in Cambridge. She apples for and gets a job as a professor. The college’s founder and president is well-known for his children’s books advocating peace. The books were controversial when, during World War I, they caused soldiers to lay down their guns and refuse to fight.

Now in 1932 there is still talk about the books. There is also a lot of talk about the National Socialist/Fascist/Nazi movement growing in Germany and the desire by some to join in and advocate Britain join in as well. Amid all this the president of the college is found dead in his office.

In order to keep her cover in tact, Maisie is ordered to stay away from investigating the suspicious death. That’s hard for Maisie, but lucky for her, Maisie’s colleagues and students really like talking. She’s able to gather information in an informal manner. Eventually Maisie is able to name the killer. She manages to do all this while going back and forth to London to check on her business, help find a missing friend and check on her dad. Yes she leads a busy life.

A Lesson In Secrets is the eighth book in the Maisie Dobbs series. I’ve liked following Maisie’s career and her personal life throughout the series. Fortunately, each story is fresh as Maisie is so willing to try new things such as working undercover for the secret service. At one point while half-way through I thought that Maisie was involved in too many things, but I quickly changed my mind. All those things are simply a part of who Maisie is — a thoughtful character who is sympathetic to everyone she meets. At the end she actually visits the killer in prison with a stack of books to read! That’s who she is.

I’m reviewing this book as part of a TLC Book Tour. The tour is designed to feature all the author’s books, not just the new one coming out March 29th. Today’s book, A Lesson In Secrets, is one of the previous ones I chose to feature. On April 18th I tell you about the latest book, Journey To Munich.

To see the complete schedule for all the stops on the tour, visit TLC Book Tours.

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3 Responses to Book Review and Tour: A Lesson In Secrets

  1. Greg says:

    I’ve heard good things about these, and read an interesting interview with Jacqueline Winspear as well. I love the covers of these books too, they have that retro travel poster style (not sure what else to call it) that I like so much. Very distinctive!

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  3. trish says:

    What an interesting character! Even visiting a killer in prison…with books! I love that that’s something she thought was important.

    Thank you for being on this tour!

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