Book Review: Let Me Die In His Footsteps by Lori Roy

Let Me Die In His Footsteps

Publisher: Dutton, June 2, 2015

This novel is already creating a lot of buzz and I’m honored to be one of the stops on it’s TLC Book Tour. The buzz is well deserved as it truly is one of those books that makes you just keep turning the pages. Here’s what its all about:

Annie is special although she sees herself as different and not in a good way. She’s taller than the other girls, has blonde hair with black eyes, but worst of all, she has “know-how.” She can see and feel things that will happen in the future.

Annie is fifteen living in Kentucky in the 1950s. As the story opens she is about to turn fifteen and a half. Tradition in her community is that, if you look into a well at the exact hour you turn fifteen-and-a-half, you will see the image of your intended husband. Unfortunately, Annie does not see an image floating on the water, but she does discover a dead body.

The story alternates back twenty years to what happened to Aunt Juna and the Baines family. No one has told her, but Annie thinks her real mother might actually be Aunt Juna. No one talks about it, but Annie has the same black eyes and blond hair as Aunt Juna and Aunt Juna also had the “know-how.” Annie just hopes she doesn’t become as evil as everyone says Aunt Juna was.

Let Me Die In His Footsteps is an amazingly intense book. To me it was very atmospheric. There’s no woo-woo stuff or anything weird. It’s that I had a strong sense of the character’s internal life as well as their external. I could smell the lavender blossoms and the ripening tobacco plants and feel the dirt swishing through my toes. Yes, I was really there!

There are so many secrets and other questions to be answered that its hard to take a break while reading. I read this book off and on over the course of about four days, some in early morning and some late at night. I would definitely recommend reading this late at night. Better yet, read it while sitting on the front porch or in a hammock hung between two trees with only a flashlight to see by. If you can manage that, I’ll wish you plenty of fire-flys for company. Ahhh, a perfect summer read.

About the Author:

Lori Roy was born and raised in Manhattan, Kansas where she graduated from Kansas State University. Her debut novel, BENT ROAD, published in 2011, was awarded the Edgar Allen Poe Award for Best First Novel by an American Author, named a 2011 New York Times Notable Crime Book and named a 2012 notable book by the state of Kansas. BENT ROAD has been optioned for film. Her second novel, UNTIL SHE COMES HOME, was named a New York Times Editors’ Choice, and was nominated for an Edgar Allen Poe Award for Best Novel. Her upcoming novel, LET ME DIE IN HIS FOOTSTEPS, will be published June 2nd. Lori also serves as treasure for the Sisters in Crime organization and is a liaison to the Author Coalition. She currently lives with her family in west central Florida.


Thanks to the publisher for my copy of the book and to TLC Book Tours for allowing me to be a part of it all. To see other stops on the book tour, visit the schedule here: Lori Roy Book Tour Schedule

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7 Responses to Book Review: Let Me Die In His Footsteps by Lori Roy

  1. Kay says:

    The perfect summer read. One can’t get much better than that. What an interesting tradition – exactly 15-1/2 and you’ll see who you’ll marry. And then a body. I still love that cover!

  2. Beth F says:

    This *does* sound like a good summer read. I like that you felt as if you were really there.

  3. This is the second great review I’ve read of this book today. I’ve got to get my hands on it!

  4. Atmospheric is a great word for this book. I love when I can see and feel and smell everything that is going on in a story like you did with this one.

    Thanks for being a part of the tour.

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