Book Review: Injustice For All

Injustice For All.

Author: Scott Pratt

Publisher: Penguin, 2010

Genre: Legal Thriller

This is the third book in Scott Pratt’s Joe Dillard series. Joe used to a defense attorney, but has crossed over to the other side. He’s an assistant district attorney now in east Tennessee.

A judge is supposed to be impartial, but as we see in this novel, a judge can make or brake an attorney. It is especially true in a relatively small community. Joe’s good friend, Ray Miller, has been the target of an unethical judge. The judge ruined his reputation and career and leads Ray to the brink of suicide.

When the judge is found dead, hanging from a tree, law enforcement heads straight for the Miller house. Joe Dillard knows the Millers so well that he is positive they could not have killed the judge. He does whatever he can do to help.

There are quite a few sub-plots to this story. Overall, they added to the richness of the story. But, there were a few instances when I felt that some elements were confusing or a bit too much. I was very sympathetic to one of the characters, Hannah, but her story jumped around in odd places with no set-up. That was disappointing.

Although the third book may have had a few rough spots, it hasn’t deterred me from continuing to read the series. As of now, that is four more books. For you, I recommend you read this series in order. They can stand alone, but it’s much more enjoyable to follow along one book at a time.

Here are the first two books in the series. (Click the title to read my review.)

An Innocent Client
In Good Faith

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  1. I do enjoy a good legal thriller!

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