Book Review: The View From Here

View From Here.

Author: Cindy Myers

Publisher: Kensington, 2012

Genre: Literary Fiction

Maggie was a recently divorced woman living in Houston. The divorce was not Maggie’s idea, but her ex-husband was such a jerk that I think she should be off somewhere rejoicing. But instead, as often happens with some women, Maggie felt that, somehow, she had failed.

And then — a letter arrived from an attorney in a small town in Colorado. It told her she had inherited, from her long absent father, a piece of land on the top of a mountain with a cabin and a gold mine. Even with that good news, Maggie had to be forced by her best friend to leave Houston.

The residents of the small mining town of Eureka opened their arms to welcome Maggie. Well, almost all residents. The local librarian had a problem with Maggie’s father and took it out on Maggie. But Maggie learns the librarian was the exception; everyone else loved him. Since Maggie never knew her father, this time in his home and town helped Maggie. It was good for Maggie to better understand he past and herself.

This was a very good story. In addition to what I’ve outlined, there were times of good humor, examples of true friendship, a possible romance, a teenager looking for a steady home, and more. Read The View From Here for an inside visit to small town Colorado.

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3 Responses to Book Review: The View From Here

  1. This sounds like a sweet story. I love the view on the cover.

  2. Beth F says:

    This sounds like a nice one for an afternoon on the deck this summer.

  3. Yvonne says:

    This sounds really good. What a relaxing cover too.

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