The Latest Look at Harry Bosch

Burning Room 2.

I like whatever Michael Connelly writes. I’m particularly fond of his Lincoln Lawyer series, but I also enjoy the Harry Bosch series. The Burning Room is the 19th book in the series. You would think the author would run out plot ideas by now, but you would be wrong.

Harry has been working cold cases for several years now and, of course, he’s very good at it. What is new is that he has a new partner, Lucia Soto. She’s a rookie detective, a hero-with-baggage, and Harry is asked to mentor her.

The case that is at the center of their lives is unusual. Nine years ago a stray bullet entered the spine of a member of a local mariachi band. The man just now died as a result of that bullet and Harry and Lucia are asked to overlook the case.

As the detectives take a cursory look at the circumstances of the shooting, enough red flags are raised to make them believe the shooting was not necessarily random. They are calling it murder and, it could have connections to the former mayor now running for governor. The fact that all the leads are cold doesn’t stop the detectives nor the political sensitivity of the police bosses.

BoschHarry is an interesting character. There is a lot of depth to him and he’s smart. In addition, he is very thorough with every piece of evidence. He does have an edge to him. He distrusts all politicians and almost everyone who holds a high rank in the police department. Watching his mind work through all the clues was and amazing experience.

Harry has been elevated to stardom in Amazon’s Prime TV series program. One season of ten episodes is available for viewing with promises of more. Harry is played beautifully by Titus Welliver. They have taken a little literary license with Harry by making him younger. Rather than having fought in Vietnam, he’s shown as a veteran of Desert Storm. He’s not a part of the cold-case unit. He’s on the streets and in lots of action. If you have Amazon Prime and a fan of Harry Bosch, this is well worth checking out.

Thanks to my local library I read this book via audiobook. It was a special treat as jt was read by the Bosch actor Titus Welliver. Perfect.

Published by Little, Brown and Company November 2014

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3 Responses to The Latest Look at Harry Bosch

  1. I’m a Connelly fan too and am so far behind on his books. This sounds like another winner!

  2. Kaye,the sister, Cogdill says:

    As Harry Bosch fans, Don and I both were hooked immediately with the Burning Room! It was another fascinating read that we could not put down…quite often having to take turns and keep track of the bookmarks. Connelly does an excellent job at developing both his characters and the plot. Wish he pumped out his books at a faster pace! Enjoyed your write-up!

  3. jenclair says:

    I like the Bosch books and really enjoyed The Burning Room. Initially, I was leery of the series on Amazon, but I’ve enjoyed it.

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